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Giant Growth Kit problem + How to...

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edited August 9, 2017 in Help
I have cumulative level 100 on my giant but when I tried to open the kit, a message pops out saying something along the lines of "You have leveled 80 times, you have to level up 100 more times or more before opening the kit". Do we need to level up to 180? Pretty confusing, the quest says 100 but the message says 100 more times...

Also while I'm at it, how do I get rid of an undisposable event item?


  • ArjuneArjune
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    edited August 9, 2017
    I just read my own box and it says: "when you level up 100 times or more" you have to read it carefully. if you didn't take the quest and box until you were level 20, and you're now level 100 then the 80 levels is correct. You just need 20 more levels and you will have leveled up 100 times

    if you have an event item you can't get rid of you'll need to send in a ticket
  • FilthyRedDevilFilthyRedDevil
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    Aw man~ alright then thanks for the help!