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LF>Active Guild

Mabinogi Rep: 2,200
Posts: 82
edited August 12, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
what i'm looking for:
  • active in preferrably pst timezone
  • dragon raids/abyss/lords whatever at least somewhat regularly

who i am:
  • Gwyndolyn on ruairi server
  • archer/alchemist
  • elf
  • total level is 8.8k

honestly my gear is crap, but recently i've been trying to rank/enchant/gear up etc. i have a fairly busy work/irl schedule, but i try to be productive when i'm on. i'm not unfriendly, but i afk somewhat frequently and can be spacey and forgetful (i'm dyspraxic)
feel free to add me in game to run stuff otherwise! c: