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Bloody's Selling List

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edited August 19, 2017 in Alexina Marketplace
Listing off all of the items I have for sale. I prefer gold and am willing to negotiate but may also be willing to trade. If you have a question or want to offer please note my main Bloodythorn

P.S. I have items that I'm looking to buy at the bottom.

Sell Item List:

Peaceful Bohemian Wear (F) - 18mc/o 20m a/w (Item is being held while c/o gathers money if you offer the a/w you'll get it)
Refined Reforging Tool PLUS (7) - 700k ea
Serpent Sword Appearance Scroll (2) - 2m ea
Royal Academy Formal Uniform (M) - 700k
Synthesis Training Potion - 2m
Fragmentation Training Potion - 700k
Royal Crystal Wing Shield - 1.5m
Royal Rose Shoes (2) - 700k ea
Black Star R1 - 600k
Honey Laurel Halo - 2.5m
White Rose Halo - 2.5m
Enchant Training Potions (2) - 2m ea
Threshold Cutter(2) - 400k ea
Shuriken Mastery Training Potion - 400k
Puppet's Snare Training Potion - 400k
Chain Mastery Training Potion - 400k
Drop Kick(2) Training Potion - 400k ea
Enduring Melody Training Potion - 400k
Windmill Training Potion - 600k
Folded Dog Ear Headband - 200k
Kitsune Headband (not wiggling) - 1m

Buy Item List:

Special Skill Training Seals for 1.5m ea
Dark Knight Gauntlets for 7m
Hellhound Skull for 3m