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If you ever run out of ideas for gacha items

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So with how often gachas happen, it is inevitable that the developers will eventually run out of ideas at some point.

For this suggestion, I shall list a number of good, easy to develop potential gacha items. Also just items that would be neat to have.
Said suggestion being made from having my mind wander and wanting to just dump the ideas.

HD Outfits: By this I mean taking old outfits, as well as old gacha outfits, and creating new versions that just looks better.
For bonus points, make outfits originally not wearable by giants or even elves, and make them able to wear the HD versions.
Now some people might go "Why not just upgrade all items to HD?". After Eluned outfits, you really should not be surprised at such.

Glow in the dark dyes: What better way to shake up the dye market than with a fancy new kind of highly desirable dye.
Especially since the code for glowing colors on outfits and some weapons already exists.

Capes: Others have suggested this before. I am honestly baffled this isn't a thing yet. Literally free money.

Pretty much any weapon slot item purely made for an idle animation: Pom Poms, Opera Glasses, and Peaceful Clutch already proved how popular such items can be for people who want to look nice in towns.

Non-Tail Tails: By this I mean items that go into the already existing tail slot, but are technically not tails.
You could make almost anything go in that slot, and someone is going to pay 30 million gold for it.