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Looking for a guild to join

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edited January 1, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
As the title above states, I'm looking for a guild to join.
Here's some stuff about me to help you decide:
IGN: Astralblue
-Total Level: 17k+
-Willing to do runs, raids (Girgashiy or field bosses)
-Can get Royal Alchemist title if needed
-Doesn't mind helping out
-R1 everything besides Blacksmith (LF> A miracle), Enchant (getting there) and Tailoring (LF> Bazaar event) in terms of life/production skills
-Personality: Serious, but friendly

If you want me to join, feel free to post here or note me in-game. Tell me a bit about your guild also so I can make a decision.
Also if you're a "weaker" guild, don't feel discouraged because I'm "end-game". I'll join any guild that seems interesting to me, just don't expect me to carry.


  • EMTchibiEMTchibi
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    Meowkins is Pretty friendly and active. Its a Close Family with everyone always doing something from crafting to missions and helping eachother out. I'm just a regular member so can't officially invite, but feel Free to Check us out!
  • GaeaGaea
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