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What's best hotbar for a bard

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To be useful in combat


  • LiyenLiyen
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    edited January 18, 2017
    Battlefield Overture, lullaby and the rest of your actual combat skillset.

    Vivace maybe. (if you're a gunner/mage, but if you're in a big group just use BFO or get yelled at.)

    Anything else is just extra.
  • PannyaPannya
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    edited January 18, 2017
    lullaby and battlefield overture + fantastic chorus, if you use only battlefield overture you are not using the maximum potential of the music buff (although if you use more than one skill set, sometimes 2, you may not have choice), dischord helps on some situations (mobs immune to everything) but most of time it doesn't, keep the first 3 skills on your main skill bars, dischord on one of the side bars will be fine.
  • SugarAngelSugarAngel
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    Lullaby and Battlefield Overture and Fantastic Chorus are a must - As for what combat abilities you should have..
    The basics of course accompanied with Dischord! (Smash, Defense, Counterattack, Windmill, Assasult Slash, Dischord, Charge if Giant/Accessory Reforge.) - This also depends if you want to use your Lyre as 'lethal weaponry' however.
    Of course, if you want to hybrid with another class - You should also hotkey Vivace, otherwise, the world is for what you want it.