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PeachGod Art Commission page

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edited November 8, 2018 in Fan Creations
Hello, I'm pretty new here and I'm setting up a commission page to make some money and overall practice drawing quicker (not to say that I'm slow).
I have examples listed below in the spoilers- the only stipulation is that most of my work is nsfw so I'm pretty limited about what examples I'm showing at first andd hopefully that will change.
If you want to inquire about the nsfw work you can email me at or find my tumblr pretty easily given that much info.
My pricing is pretty simple
$20-Line art
$60-Shaded and finished

extra characters
(line, flat)+$15
Background pricing depends on the complexity but will likely never double the price
Armor, landscapes, monsters, and character interaction as always depends on the complexity of them.
BG Example