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Transformation Addict's Buy & Sell

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Transformation Addict's Buy and Sell
IGN: Giegue

New thread! Because my old one was locked, now the rules are changed it's finally worth it to make a new post.

I will prioritize "Buying Urgently" to ensure I have enough gold.
Trades are welcome!
Message me here or send me a note in game! I am EU so my Time Zones may make trading directly awkward, I would prefer to mail items!

Buying Urgently:
Materials for Geas Edge Armor once they're released.


Shamala Transformation Medals:

10M: Possessed Eiren, Succubus Queen.

5M: Sylvan Dragon, Altam, Runaway Gingerbreadman

2M: Black Mask, Unmasked Cessair's Heart, Unmasked Black Mask, Winter Millia, Fire Slime

1M: Aodhan, Cai, Elatha, Esras, Huw, Hot Spring Monkey, Insane Paris, Jenna, Outdoorsy Jenna, Mores, Odran, Pierrick, Pierrot Marionette, Shakespeare, Shylock, Wishing Tree
The Rainbow Sheep: [Red] [Orange] [Green] [Navy] [Purple] [Black]

500k: Adair, Ailla, Art, Atrata, Austell, Austeyn, Cliona, Corentin, Deian, Devi, Edern, Elen, Erhard, Flirty Guy, Granat, Guildenstern, Ilsa, Kousai, Lassar, Lileas, Monatte, Osla, Price, Roden, Sym, Tegau, Tethra, Tibbie, Tybalt, Vekurd, Vanalen, Walter.
Mischievous Elsie, Mischievous Kanna, Student Dai, Student Kaour, Student Shuan, Preschooler Dai, Preschooler Eirlys, Preschooler Elsie, Preschooler Kanna

Saint Guardian's Full Armor (F) (Don't care for stat rolls, minimum is fine.) 35M
Magic Academy Robe for Juniors (F)
Magic Academy Robe for Seniors (F) [Offer... but prioritizing transformations]
[ Nexon please re-release these. And If you're going to Eluned one outfit, Eluned them all, I want an Eluned Magic Academy Robe for Seniors (F) too. ]

Homestead Prop: Greenhouse [Offers]
Darling Eyes Beauty Coupon [750k]

For Sale
Saint Guardian's Leather Armor (M), 10/3: See trade offer at top of page.

Transformation Medals:

x1 Song of Grief 7M

x3 x2 x1 Hasidim 3M
x1 Creag 3M
x1 Archelon 3M
x1 Open-Eye Morrighan 3M
x1 Armored Girgashiy 3M
x1 Succubus Fiend 3M
x2 x1 Kupa 3M
x1 Glas Ghaibhleann 3M
x1 Zebach 3M

x1 Tia 1M
x3 x2 x1 Lament of Agony 1M

x1 Mischievous Logan 500k
x1 Student Logan 500k
x3 x1 Mischievous Kaour 500k
x2 x1 Mischievous Shuan 500k

I am actively selling these ingame as well, and the prices in game may vary. I accept offers and trades, value does not have to be equal, I just need to want it or have confidence in it's value. Act fast! I am also selling other things, you are welcome to ask if I have something.


  • GiegueGiegue
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,460
    Posts: 197
    badump badump.
  • GiegueGiegue
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,460
    Posts: 197
    buuuUMP. Ive got some tasty Saint Guardian stuff~
  • GiegueGiegue
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,460
    Posts: 197
  • GiegueGiegue
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,460
    Posts: 197
    I've got every new Transformation Medal except that Fire Slime
    And of course, if you use the Shamala Coupons and get any NPCs above, please sell them to me~!