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✦ crossein's shop ✦ [OPEN(2/7)] PP/Gold

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edited March 5, 2019 in Fan Creations

hi! i’m Diana a.k.a. Crossein of Mari! i'm looking for mostly PayPal commissions, but i'm willing to consider gold or various items.


(examples of head, bust, full-body, full-body + bg)

✦ if trying to exchange gold for art, the total of offered currencies and/or goods must equate to the total USD costs charged to your commission.
✦ able to do armor, furries, nsfw, complex bgs, gore. costs will have to be negotiated!
✦ commissions do not have to be mabinogi related.
✦ will not be accepting art trades, I can reject items if I choose.
✦ i do not have venmo and do not accept bank sending services.
✦ payments can be accepted immediately after confirming your sketch and up to 2 major edits may be allowed depending on the task. no unlimited edits offered.
✦ don’t ever worry about me denying a request due to complexity.. my one saying is
“money is a great motivator”
✦ extra characters cost extra


for easy contact, offers, etc. dm me on discord
if you're ready to order, you can find my form here!
please discord me @ Diana#4850 when you have completed your form!

i also offer a free live-stream service if you wanna watch your order come to life!

slots [2/7] [OPEN AF]:
1. Keita825
2. Loveness