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elemental alignment for apostle

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edited March 28, 2019 in Help
So I have never really bothered with making my armor and weapons aligned to an element before, but I figure it could help against the apostle.

so my question is this: how does one determine the element a monster is aligned with or is it just trial and error? and what if known is the alignment of the apostles such as girgashiy?


  • GiegueGiegue
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    Most Elemental Alignments for Monsters were figured out via data-mining in the past. Alternatively, monsters tended to drop the elemental they were associated with. Otherwise, Trial and Error is the key, simply smacking a monster and recording the fluctuations in damage.
    If a monster lacks an element, all elementally enchanted weapons will deal a small bonus amount of damage, however some monsters are immune to this bonus.
    I believe the apostles do not have an element and I don't know if they're immune to elemental damage, but because their protection/natural damage immunity is so high, it doesn't really matter.
    Their gimmick is that they're weak to "divine light" (Crusader Skills), and piercing is known to be very effective too, so it's best to focus on your Crusader Sub-Skills than defeating them with raw damage.

    Soloing Girgashiy is an exception. You just wanna hit him consistently, so weapons like Chain Blades and Dual Guns are good so you don't spend forever chasing him.
  • TheNyanCatTheNyanCat
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    Girgashy does not have an element. Elemental weapons do not work at all on girgashy at all, a lot of end game content have mobs that just plain ignore elemental weapons.