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Permanent Form of Soulmate Chat?

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DokiDoki is coming to an end, and to be honest the one thing I'll miss most is the Soulmate Chat.
I never realised just how useful it is. Being able to have a conversation with someone (albeit on the same channel) while still being able to have offline stat on is so useful, and I'm surprised there isn't some kind of option for this anyway - like a Marriage Chat or Family Chat or something - independent from offline stat and less cumbersome to use than whisper or party chat.

I know you could just PM someone, but another thing the Soulmate Chat has that personally I think is useful is the location tracker. Being able to know exactly where my Soulmate is is convenient, especially if we're planning on meeting up but they're in the middle of something - I can just go to where they are and wait.

I was surprised to see there wasn't a thread asking for this chat (or some form of it) to stay, and I'd be interested to hear if I'm the only one who suddenly finds it ultra convenient.

As for how it would work - perhaps it could just be like the DokiDoki Soulmate thing, right clicking on someone to "create SoulChat" or something. You could leave whenever (same as the Doki one). When you logged/CC it would still be there in the corner, minimisable, so you wouldn't have to open it up each time you logged on or recreate the chat every time you CC.

Yeah, I know that there is whisper. But honestly it's so cumbersome to use. You have to type in the player's name (which with some usernames can be...lengthy), make sure you don't accidentally erase it while typing (oops), and you can't even have main chat on while also having whisper open - you'd have to keep going back and forth - making it not the easiest method to have a private chat with someone.
Notes also exist, but they're more a memo type feature than an actual conversational asset. People mainly use them for trades, or "sorry I missed you" type of messages rather than having lengthy dialogues in them. Unlike whisper, it doesn't matter which channel you're on when noting someone, but ideally this new permanent form of SoulChat wouldn't be channel bound either (and if it was, it wouldn't be as big of a deal as, say, whisper - because so many other things aren't as fiddly or tiring to use)
Party Chat is all well and good - but party chat can also fall into the pitfalls of whisper (the chat bar isnt long conversation friendly unless you have log open) and if you're advertising then it's unlikely you're going to unglitch your party just so you can have a conversation, easier to just PM
Which leads me onto it - PMs. Lots of you might think that PMs are just the simplest solution, but nowadays I usually ALWAYS have offline stat on, and I'm sure many others are the same. ofc there are many reasons for this - avoiding people probably high on the list - but if I want to have a conversation with a certain friend but not really feel like talking to others/wanting to remain invisible then it's kind of annoying. Not to mention that PMs also fall into the category of "could be improved" since they vanish if you log off or CC, can be closed accidentally (SoulChat can just be minimised), and also don't have the tracking feature - one of the main reasons why I love the DokiDoki Soulmate Chat.

It was only after my friend and I were thinking about how we'd miss it that we realised the massive potential it had. Marriage version? Family tree version? More fleshed out chat logs for select people that don't go poof on you and allow you to see where your s/o is while remaining offline/hidden to the world? Yes please.

TL;DR: I think there should be a permanent version of the Doki Soulmate chat that you can open with one person of your choosing or your spouse that operates like the Doki Soulmate chat (tracker, works on offline stat, doesn't vanish when you log off).



  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    One thing I have wanted for years to always stay is the Soul Mate chat. I love it <3
  • PanPan
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    Location tracker is good. They should a built-in one similar to Maplestory. (ie. /find <ign>)
  • GretaGreta
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    Pan wrote: »
    Location tracker is good. They should a built-in one similar to Maplestory. (ie. /find <ign>)

    Too bad this is not Maplestory.
    Also, i kinda see this soulmate chat as unnecesary. It's just a reskinned friend chat.
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    Pan wrote: »
    Location tracker is good. They should a built-in one similar to Maplestory. (ie. /find <ign>)

    Otherwise known as the "Stalker" feature. I mean if its JUST the soulmate system that's fine since its bound to a single person only and they have to agree to it in the first place.