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Looking for some friends if possible!

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in Alexina Chat
Hello, I've been a fan of Nexon games for a while and a couple years ago I joined Mabi, so thankful I did. However, my guild disbanded a year or so ago and I've lost contact with all my guild friends, so I was wondering if anyone was interested in maybe meeting up ingame sometime to chat!

Thank you for reading this, and my IGN is Alleyane!


  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 14,695
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    You could try joining another guild; instafriends. Valynthearts is a friendly bunch, give them a try.
  • duckmanduckman
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    edited June 3, 2019
    I'm always willing to lend a hand if not busy (usually not). Im more of a lets do something over sit and chat though
    IGN Lorduckman