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Inventory Clearance

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For purchase kindly note me in-game: jekko or Discord: jekko#5820

[ WTS ]
Transformation Medals:
Little Ghost - 15m
Colton - 3.5m
Kyle - 3.5m
William - 10m
Avelin - 3m
Revived Ruairi - 3m
Party Shamala - 1m
Mischievous Shuan - 800k
Student Logan - 800k
Student Eirlys - 800k
Pathfinding Far Darrig - 15m
Blackened Darrig - 20m
Kraken Leg - 10m
Kraken Rex - 20m
Succubus Queen - 25m
Barrier Guardian Spirit - 10m
Sephirot - 5m
Manannan's Servant - 10m
Marcan - 4.5m

Eluned Afternoon Tea Jacket + Shoes - 40m
Cheerful Bride's Headband - 25m
Puffy Cocktail Dress - 10m
Meryl Wig - 8m
Rin Tohsaka Outfit - 8.5m
Starlet Circle Outfit - 3.5m
Basic Avenger Royal Princess Armor - 25m (reforge: Lance Charge Horseback Charge Range Width 18 Level)
Private Academy Loafers - 1.2m
Battleborn Shoes - 300k
Pierrot Hat - 350k
See-Through Cocktail Dress (no sig) - 5m
Matsuri Yukata - 6m

Patissier Hat & Wig - 100k
Magus Crest Outfit - 15m (reforge: Axe Mastery Crit 3/Combo: Drop Kick Splash DMG 19/Rain Casting Water Cannon DMG 11)
Broken Horn Trainee Gloves for Giants - 200k
Colin Plate Boots - 500k
Forest Ranger Muffler Outfit - 10m
Altam's Armor - 15m (reforge: Final Strike Duration 16 Level)
Special Stellar Outfit - 12m
Eluned Night Witch Dress - 4m

Lovely Cupid Gloves - 200k

• ^ •
Sacred Feather Wings - 10m
Crossbow Stance - 7m/ea.
Control Bar Stance - 25m
Nao's Blessing Title - 10m
Tintable Flowerless Wings - 10m
Floral Regalia Wings - 10m
Endless Winter Frostblossom Wings - 10m
Medium Fish Bag Coupons - 100k/ea.
Lorna Cheer Captain Fan - 200k
Furry Friends Fishing Chair - 300k
White Rose Halo - 6.5m

(priority) items with price
Blissful Groom's Suit (M) - 15m
Eluned Starlet Circle Outfit (M) - 2m
Floral Regalia Suit (M) - 3m
Hayashi's Vegabond Outfit (M)
Joyful Snowflake Coat (M)
Sheep Sonata Outfit (M) - 3m
Special Luna Fairy Wear (M) - 10m
Mysterious Thief Wig (M)
Tulip Parade Prince Wig