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Fish Fighting and Actual models for Aquarium.....

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Hello All,

Just a random post about Catching fishes and seeing the sizes and everything but what peeks my interest is a concept from "Dark Cloud 2"

In the game of Dark cloud 2, there is a mechanic mini game / tool called an... Aquarium. Yeah.... Woo hoo huh?

It allowed the players who caught fish to place them into an container which allowed them to visualize the size and type of fish.

It could introduce new types of stat bonuses or something of the sorts, or fish breeding.

I think overall that would be a pretty cool mechanic haha.

My Two cents.

MageJunfen - Nao
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  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    I believe this post should belong in feedback and suggestions section, but cool idea.