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New Beginning

Mabinogi Rep: 685
Posts: 18
in Nao Chat
Long time player, resurfacing in lieu of the server merge, and looking for friends!

In game name : Ultima

I will pretty much drop anything I’m doing to roleplay, if you want to know my character’s backstory there should be a copy in the fan-made thread~

I’m 27 and am looking for other 18+ friends to be nostalgic with about the game, feel free to add me if you like hanging out around a campfire as much as running dungeons and missions!

Also don’t be opposed to dropping your in game names here or just saying hello


  • DusqueDusque
    Mabinogi Rep: 435
    Posts: 12
    Sure! I love making new friends and adding people. -Lucatrea.
  • ArdaitheArdaithe
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,045
    Posts: 26
    I'm down for some roleplay, dungeons, and friends! Ardaithee is my ign!