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How to defeat HIGH def//prot enemies?

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edited July 24, 2019 in Help
Everything is taking forever to kill even with a thousand of every stat and 700 to 800 damage points

How is someome supposed to fight enemies like this legitimately?

Bone dragon? Doesn't feel like it did anything (I doubt this one counts because you have to buy bone dragons)
Fighter? Doesn't feel like it did anything
Chainblade shanking? Nope.
Step6 firebolting? Nope.
Double erg final hit? Nope.

Am I supposed to just meticulously take on a room full of ubermonsters one-by-one over and over again for 8 hours straight?


  • HelsaHelsa
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    edited July 24, 2019
    What about Hydra/crisis escape/ shadow cloak/ run away repeat?

    Or repeated lance charge while mounted on a crystal deer with deer hiding in between charges?
  • WinglyMeruWinglyMeru
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    Ideally, you are supposed to fight them with a party, instead of going at it alone.

    Most of the time, they are high protection but low magic protection or the other way around. In Phantasm, I'll switch over to firebolt for the fire and poison succubus and then use melee for the ice and lightning ones. I always forget to use my bone dragon, too. It hurts the durability, but it's just what you have to do.

    Unless you Bone Dragon, Mir Dragon, Lil' Jack and Scooter Imp every wave and then use your piercing 7 Divine Blade to burst them down.
    Then there is peeling with Brionac for bosses.
    A good Divine Link skill with lots of subskill points in it and on a strong pet will go a long way for surviving and boosting your stats more as well.

    There's also reforging, music buffs, renowns, homestead items, echostones, and weapon power potions/bone chips. Some people have 2000 max damage for these things.

    Using techniques from the newest story chapters are very helpful as well, such as Exploit Weakness, Elemental Attunement, and Redoubled Offensive for tacking on extra damage.

    Other than that, you'll just have to push through, I guess.
    I don't really use enchants or reforges myself, but I'll music buff myself to get around 1000 damage on dual crk swords. Takes awhile still, but getting stronger is the point really. People have beaten Phantasm with just store bought unupgraded daggers and no enchants, so it's still possible, I guess.

    Well, that's all the ways I know of that come to mind.
  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    The answer is multi-target moves for general mobs, and Brionac for bosses.

    Windmill, Giant Full Swing, Chain Sweep, Shooting Rush, and similar moves make short work of rooms. Problem is working around them (cooldowns, different areas of attack, etc). I mean for some rooms you could technically just spam pet on-summon attacks, but generally you're trying to make the fastest, sustainable damage possible.

    Personally if I had a cooldown enhancement I would probably never not use Giant Full Swing.