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Do people still do daily girg raiding?

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in Nao Chat
When I played a year or so ago, I know that people on the Mari server used to have daily girg raids, haven't seen any around since the merge.


  • TabariTabari
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    We do still do it, same time as always, just don't do the morning runs anymore though.
  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    Public discord channels announce them all the time, but the time is almost always START AT: 7:50 PM EST - 8:10 PM EST until full then finish around 8:30 PM EST. There are public Girg. Hasi. and Zebach runs now (all of those are hosted by the same guild) and a few other public runs/ private runs.

    Public Girg. is obviously the most considerate, as it's the only one that will help players who don't get in the first 16/16 run their dailies.

    Hasi. and Zebach should only be run by experienced players, though they'll let you in public Hasi. if you're capable of doing at least Hard version of Girg. and have one rank 1 crusader skill (note that Rank 1 Blade also needs you to be a Late-End game damage dealer).