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Moonlight Dreams Loot-o'-Lantern

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Dress up as your favorite characters from the Moonlight Dreams event! This special Loot-o'-Lantern box has everything you need to complete a spooky look such as the Moonlight Dreams Witch and Warlock Attires! Or soar around with the new Halloween Trinket Cape and the Simple Halloween Cape. Want a spooky home? Decorate your home with the Homestead Housing Witch's Cauldron or the Homestead Housing Shelf of Oddities. Check out the details below!


Sale Dates: Thursday, October 17th, After Maintenance - Thursday, November 14th, Before Maintenance


When opened in any region of Iria (e.g. Rano, Courcle, Physis,etc.), the Moonlight Dreams Loot-o'-Lantern will reward you with one Nightmare Shadow Crystal and a random item from the gachapon list, plus spawn a random monster carrying a random item!

To use the new action, "Soar", equip any of the capes and open the Action Menu using the hotkey "N". Then, select the action "Soar"!

The Moonlight Dreams Weapons have a unique visual effect when you special upgrade them!

New Items

  • Halloween Trinket Cape
  • Simple Halloween Cape
  • Magicked Halloween Trinket Cape (Enchantable)
  • Magicked Simple Halloween Cape (Enchantable)
  • Amethyst Shadowstar Halo
  • Gold Shadowstar Halo
  • Topaz Shadowstar Halo
  • Spinel Shadowstar Halo
  • Emerald Shadowstar Halo
  • Gold Crescent Star Halo
  • Purple Crescent Star Halo
  • Dark Crescent Star Halo
  • Blue Crescent Star Halo
  • Red Crescent Star Halo
  • Moonlight Dreams Warlock Attire (M)
  • Moonlight Dreams Witch Attire (F)
  • Moonlight Dreams Warlock Wig (M)
  • Moonlight Dreams Witch Wig (F)
  • Moonlight Dreams Warlock Wig and Hat (M)
  • Moonlight Dreams Witch Wig and Hat(F)
  • Moonlight Dreams Hat
  • Moonlight Dreams Warlock Shoes (M)
  • Moonlight Dreams Witch Shoes (F)
  • Homestead Housing Witch's Cauldron
  • Homestead Housing Strange Wardrobe
  • Homestead Housing Puppet Altar
  • Homestead Housing Shelf of Oddities
  • Homestead Housing Brielle's Bed
  • Homestead Housing Eccentric Workshop Bench
  • Magicked Chibi Ghost Cat Robe
  • Magicked Enchanted Ghost Cat Robe
  • Ghost Cat Robe
  • Moonlight Dreams Sword
  • Moonlight Dreams Staff
  • Moonlight Dreams Chain Blade
  • Moonlight Dreams Dual Gun
  • Moonlight Dreams Hammer
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (NPC:Brielle)
  • Shamala's Transformation Medal (NPC:Gillach)
  • Moonlight Dreams Outfit Dye Ampoule Set
  • Moonlight Dreams Outfit Metal Dye Ampoule Set
  • Moonlight Dreams Sword Appearance Scroll
  • Moonlight Dreams Staff Appearance Scroll
  • Moonlight Dreams Chain Blade Appearance Scroll
  • Moonlight Dreams Dual Gun Appearance Scroll
  • Moonlight Dreams Hammer Appearance Scroll

For the full Gachapon List and Drop Rates please check out the original post on the main page: Click Here for Full Post