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G21 Doppelganger Help

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Okay... I've been on this boss for over a week trying to figure out how to kill it. So far, the most I can do is get the boss down to about 90% health. I hear this boss got beefed up a while back, I've just came back a month ago from a few year absence because the game just lost it's luster after G18's first half. But that's another discussion for another time. This boss is unfair to begin with, but so far I have yet to find a way to actually win this fight. I've tried multiple mastered skillsets, but nothing seems to work.

So this boss has high health, high defense, and on top of that he gets buffs as long as the other doppelgangers live. I've tried every player recommended strategy and even came up with a few strategies I tried on my own (Mostly to no avail). The Divine Link and using the pet to "stop" the doppelganger's regeneration doesn't work (the pet does not stop the health regeneration animation, despite what people keep saying), and I even tried dolls to take advantage of the "attacking stopping health regeneration" which also didn't work. I don't know if it was patched or it just doesn't work for me. Not only that, but the boss one shots my pet every time I try to have it keep it busy while I work on the orbs, so it does no good to even use the pet. I tried high wound rate weapons ( I even used my Dark Knight trans that has about 95-100% wound rate (My normal wound rate is 70-100% because of high level and stats)), but so far I can't take more than 0.01-0.03 of the bosses health through wounds at any time. In over an hour, I managed to get a boss down to 90% health, but the time limit only leaves you an hour and a half. I've tried using Adniel's horn out of desperation, but Doppelganger takes 0 damage from it, and the clones barely take any damage at all from it. I can kill the clones, and with demi-god's speed, I can hit the orbs so he doesn't spawn more, but while I'm doing that, he regains his health every time so I can't get him down to a low level. I tried to use bows to injure him, but that doesn't do enough damage, I've tried gunning for fast attack, but that doesn't do enough damage either. Nothing I have does enough damage period to make any progress, and even when trying to wound him, I can't wound him enough for it to help me widdle his health down. I even tried demigod/brionac smash like it was recommended from someone else, but that didn't work either. I just didn't do enough damage and can't spam it because of cooldown, and it does almost no wound damage. I even tried Lance attacks hoping that might help. Normally, I firebolt spam because I have a Chaincast firebolt wand and a very high Int, but even that fails me in this fight. My fireball can take out the clones with a good hit, and if it doesn't, I can crisis escape and then use the dropped aggro to destroy them individually before they aggro me again. Chain Slash and Gunner don't help either, even though Chain Slash is supposed to be a really good fighting type, and gunner is supposed to be great for fast attack. But so far that doesn't work either. I've been trying to figure out how to get enough damage on the boss so that I can make actual progress on it. I don't mind taking time to fight it, but when I don't have an overall net gain on damage on it, and it heals more damage than I can do, I just don't know what to do.

Some people say don't bother with the orbs, but I have to or I can't do any real damage to the boss because the boss summons more doppelgangers for a buff that renders most of my damages to 1 point with crits only doing up to about 300 damage (Which is about .01 percent of his health bar at best). Of course, the way I'm going, I probably should not bother since it's about the same since the only real damage I do is through injury rates which usually amounts to about .25 percent of his health in 15 minutes. I think I got him down to 95% once through wound rate, but that took about 45 minutes. The boss's alchemy is also a problem. It doesn't do much damage, but it stops you doing damage long enough for it to regen health, even if you evade the wind or water blasts (assuming evasion works, it doesn't usually work for me when I do it).

I need to know how to kill this boss. So far, I've tried every skill at my disposal. I've mastered magic, physical combat, lance, puppetry, Semi-mastering archery (about rank 9 in most archery skills). I've also been working on mastering gunner and chain slash (focusing on chain slash because I've seen people do some insane damage with chain slash at high ranks.), but so far I'm about rank 8-rank 5 in everything and I'm still not doing enough damage to the boss.

For those curious, I am cumulative level 11,000 and for stats I have 1000 strength, 1100 Int, 725 Dex, 580 Will, and about 300 Luck. I also have 70-100% injury rate (which I feel is superficial because it doesn't seem to do that much wounding on my attacks). With my strength and int alone, I feel like I shouldn't be having NEARLY as much problem with this as I'm having. So far, I haven't found any strategies that work, and all the player recommended ones just don't work. I know 75% of this fight is bad game design because of how this boss is just unfair, but I feel like there should be something in my arsenal that I should be able to use to win this fight, or at least a better way to knock the boss's health bar down.


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    I catered 10 Super Sticky Mochi (+500 in all stats) with Rank 1 Catering, then used the Chain Blade. The battle took more than 20 minutes (when the food effects wore off), but it was enough to wound the Doppelganger significantly. Other than that... No idea.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    I'm not sure if you're ranked in it, but chains are good for this boss.

    Chain Impale deals high damage, and chains themselves deal decent wound rates.
    Chain Sweep can usually hit all the clones at once.
    Anchor Rush helps to zip around to hit any orbs when the doppel tries to summon more clones.
    Chain Crush also deals a daze effect, which stops enemies from using alchemy (can't remember if this boss is immune to daze or not)

    If you have a Bone Dragon, even if it's the rental one from past events, its debuff can help with dealing physical damage. They also have good stats for Divine Link.
    Battlefield Overture/Fantastic Chorus will also help.
    Weapon Power Potion if you have any lying around.
    Catering, will help too, of course. If using chains, a food that boosts both Dex and Luck would be great.

    But basically, Divine Link on a level 200 (or as high as you have) pet, chains, and whatever other buffs/debuffs you can think of and always keep a pet attacking it.
    It won't stop the regen, but damage is damage so it'll at least partially counteract it.
  • MizukoMizuko
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    What race is your character?
  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    Bone dragon's also drop bone chips, which in my opinion you will need to use to defeat the boss.

    A good set-up is:

    Final Hit (Human) Final Strike and Giant Full Swing (Giant) Final + Magnum Set-up (Elf) Chains (Any)
    Bone Chip + Battlefield Overture (around 30-40%)
    Demigod + Transformation
    Divine Link
    Anything else.

    The fight is designed to be a very hard one, one of the hardest in the game for unprepared players. Your stats are definitely capable of defeating the boss, although they seem a little low for a Current Level 100-150 player. Firebolt is bad here because you need consistent and high damage or area of effect for the other mobs. Firebolt is high damage but requires a charge time, one that ultimately allows for the boss to heal too much.

    The "attacking stopping regen" might just be a tip to use moves and skills that deal constant damage so that the damage overtime is greater than the healing overtime. I.e. Rag Dolls, celestial spike, smash bleed, etc.
  • SqueeSquee
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    So. Thanks to great advice I got on Discord, I actually managed to beat this boss. Once I got the RIGHT advice (reading old posts about doppelganger gave some wrong information), I managed to actually win much more quickly than I was expecting. Apparently the right way to beat this boss is to mix demi-god and brionac and reduce his defense as close to zero as possible so you can just whale on him. Combining that with my rank 5 chain impale completely wasted him.