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Sale Heads-Up! 1/2/20

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edited December 31, 2019 in General Chat
It's that time again, Milletians! For the first maintenance of the decade and new year, we'll be saying farewell to the Empty Doll Storage Chest Sale, so if you needed them to sell any doll bags, make sure to pick up a few! This is the only thing of note ending this week.

Empty Doll Storage Chest Sale (at the bottom):

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


Also, as Dragoolfire has asked for it, in regard to the Master Plan Buffs, we are in the last few days of 2x AP and after the maintenance on Jan. 2nd, we will be getting...!

Dual Gun Training x2
Ninja Training x2
Chain Slash Training x2
Martial Arts Training x2
Dual Gun Skill Rank-Up Bonus +10 (this means each time you rank up, you get ten points toward that skill)
Ninja Skill Rank-Up Bonus +10
Chain Slash Skill Rank-Up Bonus +10
Martial Arts Skill Rank-Up Bonus +10

For weekends, the training bonus goes to x3 and Baltane Mission EXP, Combat EXP, Shadow Mission EXP and Equipment Proficiency all get a 2x bonus as well. Happy Gaming!