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The Appearance Change System Revamp: Post Summary

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edited December 24, 2016 in Feedback and Suggestions
Because I wanted Zeo's old post to come back with the new forums as well as my old lost suggestion post about face shapes, I figured I would include some old suggestions regarding the appearance change / dressing room system.

1) All races should at least have the same options for skin, hair and eye colors, if not new ones.
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Out of 14 eye colors, six of them are some shade of blue for elves. Giants have even less options, and most of them are dark colors. Elves don't have the option to have darker skin, despite living in the desert. I know people that have started entirely new characters after awhile because they wanted darker skin. What might be a good idea to consider is a color wheel for all features.

2) Facial features should be separated from the default face shapes.

Especially given how old the default faces are, it makes the face add-ons, like scars, beauty marks, freckles and facial hair not worth it. The add-ons should be seperated from face shape - thus, for example, being able to choose freckles and putting them on any face shape you desire.

3) Old hair styles need to be updated.
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As the concept of getting new hairs etc. from gachapons booms, we're still left with old, unupdated features. Some hair styles, like the NPCS in Tir have even had their hairs updated, so why aren't the players getting the updated versions? Players are only able to get updated, good looking hair from gachapons, rendering many default options you can get for free or with pons useless.

4) After using an appearance coupon, the option must be permanently unlocked in the dressing room.
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Players spend tens of millions of gold on coupons, or given the rarity of coupons from the gachapon (specifically the new hairs), can spend hundreds of dollars and not even get them. If players finally get the item, they will likely never change their hair, and never rebirth as a new gender. This takes away a key component of the game - why even bother being able to switch genders when you'll lose what you paid so much money for? When using the coupon, have the features be permanently unlocked on that character, so even after changing genders or hairs, the player can go back to the same style.

If anyone else has suggestions or inputs I encourage you to respond!

Thank you,
Bluechickadi | Alexina
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  1. Should the appearance change system be changed?36 votes
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  • SherriSherri
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    edited December 24, 2016
    The appearance system is in desperate need of an overhaul. If not my suggestion of what we should do (Saving Appearances), then we should at least have a way to keep coupon styles permanently. It gives players the option of actually being able to rebirth between genders or even try something else.
    Even if it did cost pon like the other options, I'd still consider spending them.

    I don't know about everyone else, but at least for me, knowing that I can not get my hair style back without spending tons of in game currency or real life currency is really limiting me. Unless you are a millionaire both in game or in real life, you are extremely limited in the games potential.
    At least these idea allows us to expand us and our characters. It would encourage people to spend money in general, I think.
    People are more likely to spend real life cash if lots of options in game are provided... or at least I would.

  • MediaKleptoMediaKlepto
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,865
    Posts: 186
    I second absolutely everything here. There was a point where I considered grabbing a hair coupon myself and then realized I'd need to rebuy it if I for some reason ever decided to change it even temporarily or switch genders for the sake of the achievement (or like I was at one point planning to do on April Fools just for the heck of it).

    I can definitely attest to feeling extremely limited in my options, even when presented with flaunted opportunity that you can look however you want every time you rebirth. I've looked the same since I started playing (which I'm sure a TON of people have) but every so often I'd like to make a change or even tweaks and see how they stack up. The small selection of colors alone (between races and singularly) kinda kills that, and the old hairs absolutely need a revamp.
  • PlatinaKokiPlatinaKoki
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,425
    Posts: 751
    Agree on all points, especially #4. People who have spent money on certain features (like Vocaloid hairs) should have permanent access to them if they paid for em.
  • RaishiiRaishii
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,990
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  • JakimoJakimo
    Mabinogi Rep: 530
    Posts: 17
    I agree, it becomes a bit of a hassle to find one hair style for the opposite gender, then have to decide if you want to lose it or not so that you can switch over.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,355
    Posts: 1,387
    Ooh, thanks for adding my post in here. Really gives Nexon a lot of options to pick from, assuming they'll listen to us of course.
  • SherriSherri
    Mabinogi Rep: 13,880
    Posts: 2,038
    Hopefully they do actually listen to us. I know the forum mods are always there, but aren't they only volunteer? Either way, that doesn't matter, they are still always there for us which is really nice.
    I see Nexon employees on here and there but they never socialize with us T-T
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,355
    Posts: 1,387
    @Sherri Yeah, I wish we saw more actual staff interaction in the suggestion forum than volunteers who can't have the KR team talk to us on a livestream about all the ideas we sent them and what they're doing to make it work. I've seen so much fanart on the KR website that's just so beautiful, it really makes me think that if the Korean community supports our ideas then we might be able to make things go faster by funding Nexon more on our end.
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,355
    Posts: 1,387
    edited February 15, 2017
    Beauty Coupons Make Genderbending Unappealing was merged into this thread:
  • SheraShera
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,650
    Posts: 30
    That's pretty legit, I used to switch gender back and forward all the time and had an entirely new wardrobe for when I played male, but now that I have the 65m ponytail and at least 3m worth of eye/mouth stuff going on I've had to sell off most my male wardrobe, only keeping some for my butler.

    I'd be a lot more willing to aim to gacha and collect more if it allowed me to switch between "unlocked" hairdos. I mean god I can never change my hair now so why bother- (Unless they release Laigh hair... then I'm going to kill people's dreams by overwriting my ponytail....)
  • SylviaWolfeSylviaWolfe
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,200
    Posts: 342
    @Shera I feel the same. While I'm currently playing a male character with beauty coupons invested which is less pricey than many of the female beauty investments, I'm not planning on switching to female or buying any female outfit bags/gacha anytime soon because I don't want to lose my investment. In the end they're losing money from many players in similar situations.
  • SherriSherri
    Mabinogi Rep: 13,880
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    edited February 17, 2017
    sneaky ninja bump

    Sheesh, it really does limit people and their 'fantasy life' knowing that they can't RB into opposite genders or use different hair styles without getting more cons than pros out of it all. Trying to keep this thread up, all the work OC poured into it shouldn't go to waste. >:/
  • MilkypockyMilkypocky
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,010
    Posts: 22
    yeah i really don't like how they did the beauty coupons. i wish the new hairstyles were all just pon ones, even if they were more expensive (like 10 pon instead of 5) would've been passable for me, or maybe even just you get the coupon, use it, and it's basically unlocked in your dressing room, you have it forever.
    i'm really fickle when it comes to my character's appearance. i'll say that having a locked hairstyle was an absolute nightmare because of what a money sink it is, i don't have that kind of cash in real life or in game and many others don't so we're screwed
    for the longest time i was stuck with my female character and there were many times where i wanted to rb as a male but couldn't because of the locked hairstyle. since then i pretty much gave up on the coupon hairstyles and just fell back to one of the older pon ones

    i'd love if they were to update the older hairstyle models, especially since the NPCs in tir have had their hairstyles updated, why can't we? it's much of the reason why i don't really like a lot of the pon hairstyles, since so many of them are outdated and as a result look pretty ugly

    the appearance system overall feels pretty archaic and i'm sure that by now they could tweak it to be less so, and perhaps make it so you don't have to blow so much money just to look the way you want, and new players who are fickle like i am will feel more inclined to keep playing because they don't feel limited with their options