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Reroute nexon launcher to open mabi at drive:d ?

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in Technical Support
Is it possible to reroute nexon launcher to open mabinogi at my drive:d
my drive:c doesnt have much of a space pc starts to lag once i use up more than 80 % of it
since the direct launcher will end soon i will have to return to using nexon launcher again
after I stopped using it when i start to get error message that my mabinogi is not installed in the default location

does anyone know a way to reroute nexon launcher to open at drive:d


  • DealerDealer
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    So if you want the games to download using :D instead of :C:
    Click the little arrow next your profile picture.
    Scroll down to the part that says "Game Installation location"
    Change the folder to where you want it to download in the D drive.
    Press OK.

  • ShroomsterShroomster
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    In regards to more directly answering noobodyzxz properly, Dealer has skipped the step where you select "Settings" THEN scroll down to game installation location.
    However, you should only do that if mabinogi is the only nexon game you are using. His instructions will simply change where the nexon launcher places all games and all patch data in the future. I can see no way to redirect the nexon launcher to different locations for individual games.

    So for us ancient client users, since the nexon launcher appears to not "recast its gaze" for individual games and instead prefers to centralize a "library", will it suffice to relocate our clients to " C:\Nexon\Library\<game>\appdata\en-US\ " (or other relevant path) in order to avoid having to redownload the entire client? Vindictus uses this path but maplestory seems to get away with not doing so.

    If the answer to this question is yes, then an alternate solution for noobodyzxz could be to direct nexon launcher to look for games in " D:\Nexon\Library\<game>\appdata\en-US\ " and then move any other nexon games to similar homes.
  • noobodyzxznoobodyzxz
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    yay thanks now that u mention it I recently reinstalled mabinogi to my pc after my pc got reformatted
    and Ive been using direct launch for a long time since I close nexon launcher window after loading the game to avoid lagging and crashing
    and I think I might have manually moved mabinogi to :D after lagging a lot at :C (since my :D is twice the size of my :C)
    ive also been updating mabinogi using direct launcher instead of using nexon launcher (since i find it longer to update)
    I might be able to upgrade my pc soon anyway