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What does the Succubus Queen say?

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So I don't see myself being able to go in Rabbie Phantasm anytime soon....or anytime at all really. I'm not OP nor do I strive to be OP so I can go through it. So this is a question for those who have done it and have seen this cutscene
What does the Succubus Queen say during her cutscene / what's the plotline for Rabbie Phantasm if there is one? The only videos or screenshots I can find of the dungeon are from KR Mabi and obviously I can't really read that.

So will someone satisfy my curiosity?


  • xBernkastelxxBernkastelx
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    This weekend a friend of mine is going to work with me to build up more info on phantasm, I haven't bothered to do the quest yet since i didn't want the stones right away but i'll try to get that info too