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Unable to Complete Quest

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Essande / Mari
A while ago I picked up the Obtain the Magic Powder of Preservation quest. However, having skipped through the dialogue too fast and still being new to the game at the time, I confused myself about what to do once receiving the quest and spoke with Tarlach again. I went into memo and spoke to him about finding the magic powder again (I have since forgotten what the dialogue key word was but I think ), I was given the quest again. I then had TWO quests to find the magic powder of preservation.

Completing the quest only got rid of one of these listed quests and attempts to run Fiodh haven't yielded another powder for me. I have long since finished the entire quest line, and talking to Tarlach hasn't helped me at all either. Not sure how to get rid of this.


tl;dr: I was given a quest twice, recreating this requires speaking to Tarlach with the quest related key word immediately after receiving the quest, and I am very sure I shouldn't have gotten this twice.


  • HoennHoenn
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
    Posts: 4
    I think you have to send in a ticket and let nexon remove the item for you
  • RazealRazeal
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    I also got this issue. I can't get rid of the quest. Wonder if they will fix this eventually.
  • GretaGreta
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    Contact Nexon Support. They will check it out of you and remove it.
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