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B > Sonata ES / Burn

Mabinogi Rep: 730
Posts: 38
edited April 28, 2018 in Mari Marketplace
Sell LIst
  • Sacred Feather Wings (Dyeable) c/o none a/w 15m
  • S7 / MA 18 / Blaze 18 Spiritual Savage Ice Wand c/o 50m a/w 80m Sold
  • Blaze 3 / Blacksmith EXP 2 Andante Sonnet Acc (R1 3L)
  • Blaze 2 Frugal Cornflower Acc (R1 2L)
  • Blaze 20 / Magnum 16 Solo Nuadha Gloves c/o none a/w 30m Sold
  • Northern Light Armor Set (M)
  • Crisis 19 Wig (M)
  • Violet Sprite Wings
  • Reload Training Potion 300k
  • Shooting Rush Training Potion (2x) 300k
  • Way of the Gun Training Potion (2x) 450k
  • Death Mark TP
  • Chain Sweep TP
  • 48th Floor Burn
  • 56th Floor Burn
  • Champion Enchant Scroll
  • Emsemble Enchant Scroll
  • Chord Enchant Scroll
  • Ambush Enchant Scroll
  • Strange Enchant Scroll
  • Arcane Enchant Scroll
  • Fixed White Dye (2x) 800k ea
  • Fixed White Metal Dye (5x) 1m ea

Celtic Druid Staff c/o none a/w 100m


Buy LIst
  • Red Upgrade Stones 110k ea MAIL
  • Red Upgrade Stone of Protection 4m ea
  • Spiritual ES Burn
  • Intuitive ES Burn
  • Sonata ES / Burn

Note me ingame or add me: Cyberblade.


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