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Shinjo is Recruiting.

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edited June 18, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Greetings Milletian's

Before we discuss this in detail, allow me to give you a introduction to Shinjo.
Shinjo was created April 30th 2017,
It was created with the intention of bringing a new kind of guild into Mabinogi.
Your total level meaning much of anything, now a days sadly has past and with it, a new era must begin.

Shinjo does however have a base level recruitment of 4,000 and 2 Master Talents.
That system is in place to ensure players who join can keep up with current members and veterans of the guild.
In order to ensure that everyone can join along other members in whatever it is they are doing, as well as ensure that new members have at least a general idea of mechanics and knowledge of the game itself.

In order to enter into Shinjo's Application process, You need to send me a screenshot first proving you are at least 4,000 total and have two master talents.
After doing so, You will be invited into our guild's Discord, where you will begin to earn points towards your application.
Traditionally players would give their level, and name and after player discussion you would be welcomed, or denied.
Not the case with Shinjo.

So how do you obtain points? - Simple, by running dungeons with guild members. This allows us to get a feel for you not only as a person, but a player.

To enter the Application process, players must have reached a minimal of 15 total points.
How do you get these points?

Any Hardmode Dungeon will earn you 1 Point.
Any Elite Mission will also reward you 1 Point.
Peaca Abyss (8 Player) = 2.5 Points. (4 Player) = 5 Points.
Alban Heroic = (A Rank) 5 Points | (S Rank) 6 Points | (SS Rank) 7 Points.
Rabbie Phantasm = 5 Points.
Memento = (Int) 1 Point. | (Adv) 2 Points

Once a player has earned their 15 Points, The discussion will begin, Players within the guild will take the information they learned about you by you from spending x amount of time with you, Share it with other members, and from there we will decide as a unit if you will uphold our Creed to its full extent.

Remember, Shinjo is more then a guild, We are a brotherhood, a family, a company, a band. We are the extension of each others arm, The blade to the sword we swing.

So answer me this, Milletian.
For what cause do you wield your blade?

( To Begin, please add INocturne #4292 on Discord with the Screenshot of your total level + Talent levels, along with a IGN. )


  • MahaousMahaous
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    edited June 18, 2017
    so basically we ask a dood from yo guild and run hardmode dungeon 15times to join yo guild?
  • EpademicEpademic
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    Mahaous wrote: »
    so basically we ask a dood from yo guild and run hardmode dungeon 15times to join yo guild?

    Yes and no, The idea is that it would be a group effort to get you those points, but yes, one could get all 15 points from just running with one player.