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10 Easy Steps to Revive/Renew Mabinogi

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I've played this game since G1, I've seen many motions and incarnations within itself from it's "Harder than Dark Souls" version back when Defense/Shields did nothing for you to the more present incarnations where Fashion reigns over stats themselves for many; but i've also played MMOs since their conception with The Realm/Nexus TK years ago up into a number of modern ones and I believe these are areas that MABINOGI could use revisiting with to add a lot more playability and life to the game. But i'd like to start this post with a pearl of wisdom most gaming companies miss:
*MMOs have no expiration date or shelf life, they can make your company money for decades or even plausibly centuries if maintained and upkept well enough and kept relevant and engines exist to permit such gradual growth/modification -- Mabinogi is no different and if given the proper care could be a game we see some incarnation of being played by our great grandkids."

1.) Revise the Difficulties/Add More:
- When you have characters over 10,000 levels above the 'level necessary to enter' for a region, it's time for the game to have a few more modes added to the locations. They don't always need to even be creative in terms of how they are, you can literally use "Developer Cop Outs" like 'INFINITE MODE' where the dungeons mob levels get X% more EXP per floor descended but gain Yx Many levels and gradually move down a 'Hue List' as you get deeper and deeper -- people appreciate things like this less than if the monsters looked more fearsome/evolved every 10 or 100 floors, but they'd take it and like it. The fact the hardest area MIGHT require TTL 3000 or 5000 now and I know people over 20K is silly.
- Add an ANCIENT variety to each Iria Field boss; this would be their Tier 2 version and would be substantially stronger in terms of requiring more penetration, having more HP, and possibly an additional special attack 'and always a normal attack' (Key for breaking defense.) These could likewise have as big a pool of special items as even a gachapon in terms of what players might get and it could be a global announcement when one shows up versus a 'local' one the present versions give.
- Add MID-BOSSES that can ambush within Dungeons and Shadow Missions; such as the bandit leaders, Morgant Encounters, all sorts of wild possibilities could be here -- these would be random events within a room that had a low (2%?) chance of happening, but could imperil the players as well as give them the rare opportunity for a unusual reward be it the form of some blessing/boon or loot. This would help keep dungeons feeling 'fresh/random'.
P.S - Fewer enemies with Smarter AI goes further than dumb-swarms; theres a lot to be said for swarm rooms like Sulfur Spider but the stock should be a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio with the players.

2.) Add more tiers of gear to the game. Every RPG knows about this.
- In conjunction with the first, the game needs to use the BDK/Focused Beam weapons as a standard for a "Second Tier" of weaponry that permit more hybrid playstyles as well as have higher stats and points, because in RPGs much as WoW and many MMOs have shown you have to always have another Excalibur with another + behind the name. This could even revitalize crafting and put a lot of more useless advanced materials to having a more universal/desirable usage where a crafter could make an effort to "temper the weapon/armor" to the next tier, or risk causing durability loss on a fail. (Note: I didn't say destroy it, that's a terrible mechanic.) This would stimulate the economy tremendously as well as add more life/excitement to players of the game; to keep Blue/Red Stones relevant I would say the intensity of blue should be based on the Tier, since Red would scale regardless due to it's Crit % nature.
- A second note about this; It isn't JUST about 'Higher Damage/Stats' Tier 2 Equipment could require two master or more titles to equip but allow usage of multiple talent trees' skills (For Example: A Weaker BDK named Harmony also able to use musical skills or function like a Wand and have options for better music/casting 'or' more raw damage within upgrade trees, or knuckles, or even lances of such nature, even Katana/Shuriken combos) It's also important to note something as simple as "Tier 2 Weaponry" having ridiculously higher penetration and their armors offering more 'penetration negation' would suffice for a 'new level of challenge'.
P.S - It's CRITICAL for anyone reading this to remember, NPC stats can always raise/lower and it'd make sense fundamentally and gameplay wise for the sake of balance so that in 5K+ mob regions we'd finally need to be seeking out better gear or means to temper/enhance our existing gear -- the Soluna blade took a guy $7,000ish to make and it's "barely" better than a BDK, for what it takes to make one I really feel that weapon should of sat around 320-540 damage; which might sound ridiculously but you can change your entire real life in 8 months with $7K; a sword that took that much in a game should feel dramatic/impressive too, like you've climbed the final summit; it's Infinite-1 shouldn't be so close you ask 'Why exactly did I come here?'

3.) Homestead/Crafting Revitalization/Furniture Loot
- I can't stress how huge a disappointment it is that after so many years I still can't go into my Homestead house when I know FOR A FACT we have TENTS you can do the very same in and it'd be as easy as a tent with a 3x larger area and maybe a few "Fixed furniture locking" positions to do that let you use more furniture based on your Homesteads' level. Come on Nexon; you're better than this.
With FURNITURE as craftables we'd see 'More usage for Carpentry' as well as 'More incentive' for Dungeon runs to find 'Exotic/Rare Furniture Patterns' within dungeons and shadow missions, our players have shown they are so addicted to fashion they'll play more for the sake of it than they will gear that's technically all one tier (Addressed above.)
- Crafting as mentioned earlier should be augmented to even allow players the means to do "Second Tier" ascension to others' gear if they can accumulate sufficient Divine/Crusader/Squire/Hardmode materials to do so, and this would usher in a new era of Mabinogi in terms of passion and feel -- it'd give everyone a collective and determined goal, but in adding Tier 2 gear the game also needs a level 4000/5000/7500 tier areas in the form of more difficulty; likewise i'd propose LORD just be made to scale based on the groups level.
- Add a vanity slot for weapons under the STYLE tab [Require they be the same type] and permit ENCHANTING at r5+ to have the ability to convert objects into WEAPON/ARMOR CHANGE PASSES; the game could even justify charge 200,000 gold upon the attempt and glittering paper as the 'material components necessary' to keep it under check, this would serve to remove rare objects from the game while improving desirability of the more common craftables that just aren't as nice to look at.

4.) Permit more Customization; potentially with a cost and revise cash shop gimmicks;
- A very new MMO I tried that also has a small community likewise had a cash shop much like our own, but I noticed when someone would purchase x2 EXP there while they spent about the same amount as us, they got a x2 boost for EVERYONE on the server/channel, not just themselves. The interesting side to this was players were able to make-shift their own events and festivities through this and tended to buy it more if just for the announcement they did it and many people thanking them. Such an idea could be implemented within mabinogi as a 'GLOBAL Edition' and a 'GUILD Edition' for any booster-item with the guild version being less.
- Add a STANCE vanity slot and permit people to purchase any of the passive/combat stances all the race models are able to use and let them equip one there; there would be no duration on the STANCE vanity items, but they'd be cash shop only obtained and could probably be $5-$10 a piece and still sell like wild fire.
- Remove the name change potion and instead utilize it in tandem with achievements such as being X many Rebirths, many varied hues for certain TTL achievement marks, Mastery-Hues as well -- there's more potential here than trying to sell name change pots alone! [Such as then selling 'Firey/Sparkley' variants that are temporary for twice what the present change is.]
- Permit Dyes for ones' transformation hues. Seriously. And potentially allow 1 or 2 different form options as the final; if not finding a way to make Paladin/Beast/Sage/Dark Knight forms for each race and let the person pick out of the pool of them which fits them best.
- As with STANCE vanity slots add DEMIGOD VANITY slots with the option of various aesthetic effects purchasable such as: Dark Miasma, Firey Presence, Arctic Winds, Swirling Leaves/Blossoms, etc... or just a shiny-hue-change. Theres a lot of money to be gained here.

5.) Fix major issues within the game
- Charge FREQUENTLY demanding the enemy is too close when they move at all.
- The bugged hallways as you try to traverse dungeons/SMs.
- Rubberband effect occasionally mobbing a player.
- Major Balance issues many known about.

6.) Allow more hybridization/advanced trees/Revive old ones:
- Dan 1, 2, 3 should all be brought back with the option of each Dan achievement letting you select HOW it improves the functionality of your skill; possibly even having it so Master/Dan titles make it so the skill recharges faster hence making them universally desirable on a level 'equal' to how insane they used to be to get.
- Add Tier 1 and Future Tier gear that uses equipping requirements similar to the Demonic Weapons, but with multiple talents and allows access to more skills a person is going to have once they've broken TTL 2000+ because it's silly I have 4-8 trees but at any given time might be able to use 2-3. I'd say no weapon should bridge more than 2 exotic paths beyond what it innately could have unless doing so took upgrade sequences to achieve which would mean it'd be weaker than a more 'focused result'. There should be all manner of hybrid option upgrades that could make a weapon multi-faceted.
- Consider adding Trees for mixed talent titles such as: Battle Bard, Spellsword, Polymath, Etc... Skills within these could be finely tailored to perhaps not only replace a starter of the basic trees but 'buff' follow ups within their respective trees to perhaps improve the original "Starter skill" for combos or to cause the combos' nature to be wildly different. One idea of this I had was them making it so people with Champion+ Warrior/Mage could learn INFUSE ELEMENT to give themself (and/or party members) element X effect to their attacks, if it'd help with said enemy, for a mechanically achievable way for Non-Pay-To-Win players to get ELEMENT on gear.

7.) 'New Coat of Paint'; AKA update the visuals!
- It goes without saying every 5 years a MMO probably needs a revisiting aesthetically, but it need not be huge and major in the sense it makes the players get a new computer just to run the revision of the game, but none the less the company needs to be addressing the issue of the game looking ever-more-dated, because while those of us that love mabinogi look past that and see how great it is, it makes recruiting VERY difficult when you have to get past the "It's like how minecraft isn't beautiful/new but it's great!"

8.) Add options/variety within Storyline and changes to the world as RL time passes!
- Frankly the main story as it stands has as many holes as swiss cheese and leaves me questioning the intelligence of a certain Red Haired dark knight. But with those said, there should be more options added within the storyline at least within new arcs as it can be assumed G1-15 your character is mostly 'finding themselves and their own way' which is finally seen when they disobey a narrating entity (Nuadha) and despite any intents we have choose against godhood. It could be reasoned Newer Generations allow the player to choose between Light/Dark just as Lugh himself ended up doing.
- MAKE CERTAIN ALL GENERATION QUESTS LET FRIENDS COME. This is an MMO Nexon. Don't take that out of it. Just have it check for the player count and scale enemy HP/Defenses accordingly if necessary.
- Make it so many of the NPCs in game get older as years pass in real life and eventually yes will DIE; only to be replaced by their younger counter-parts (New additions/replacements to the story too) such as Sions' dad dying, Sion eventually becoming an adult miner, and Sion possibly being wed to Ibbie with their kid pining for the affection of another small town girl as Sion did Ibbie. It'd add a huge level of depth no other MMO presently has.

9.) Fix Bards so that they can stack different songs again.
- Does this one need explaining? Originally you could have a party of bards each maintaining a different musical buff, but it was disabled/removed and that makes no sense -- even if it had taken a special skill to use more than one in a party it makes having multiple bards (VERY easy) a detriment to the team versus useful additions. Can we get some love for a change guys? C'mon.

10.) Offer smithing/clothing/crafting patterns in gachapons less so than vanity items themselves
- this would lead to an increase in the value of patterns as well as the desirability of crafters because you'd need one to get the item you got the pattern for -- if you were lucky MAYBE you'd get more than one item out of the pattern, maybe not. But it'd also make crafters more relevant than they presently are and leave people feeling better about the grab-bag nature of the gachapons.


  • MenuodenMenuoden
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    11.) Add a MoBA style PvP arena for Paladin/DK and Elf/Giant PvP wars.
    - People love PvP, and if we had an arena where the damage was set to 1.5% it'd be relatively fair, and if we disabled the racial powers of FH/WG/MM/Elf Hide/Play Dead during these then we could see a Minion (NPC fast reaction type) mobs and players fighting to get past the defense turrets and destroy the enemy capital/objective.
    - Permit victory OR loss to reward 2 or 1 'Fomor War' tokens for purchasing goods relevant and exclusive to this mode as well as some Exploration/Experience reward for either victory or loss -- I guarantee we'd see excitement.
    - ALSO; Make a Guild-War and Victory Leader Board version of this for guilds with teams up to 6.
  • YangKoeteYangKoete
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    1. Please, Midbosses would be a wonderful gauge for how dungeons go and add some more variety. And fixing ratios would be great too.
    2. More tiers/variety even just sold by the town's blacksmiths and tailors would be so much nicer. Stronger weapons or even just a different variety of them would be great, like making more knives and smaller blades, making polearms their own skill, etc. I'd like for my weapons to look different for variety and durability like now, but also to increase in strength for type of weapon too.
    3. Oh my gosh YESSSSS. Furniture in our housing would be WONDERFUL! Making it so that even just the TENTS have something like built-in "Log seats" made with 5 firewood and 3 homestead stones, firepit made by low-grade cuilin stones (Giving them a use since a firepit needs rocks or else you'll burn down the whole tent!!), and maybe even baskets for storage for the first "Tier" for housing? They'd only give 2x2 or 4 x 4 for storage, but it's better than nothing. More uses for Life Skills is wonderful too.
    4. Not fond of making our own events, but making more guild events be a thing would be great. Sort of a "Guild Leader boost" sort of thing that they can use every so often, making more EXP boost. 10% or somewhere around there per player's not bad, but they could always upgrade it. Vanity slots sound great too.
    5. Bug fixes and balance issues - Yes. Please.
    6. More advanced trees for classes can start with those Hybrid Talents you get; Make it so they get skills with them. IE; Spellsword can use Blaz and Shockwave with swords or something like that so long as they have that talent equipped. That way you don't get overpowered people either. Also; Make it so that talent gets the boost from both, but sort of average them out. They won't be as strong as Grandmastering one of them, but it'll be a good idea to let them at least get boosts from more than just one talent.
    7. Some things should be redone as graphics can be a turn-off, but what I'm moreso worried about is lag, and it's not an incredibly easy fix, but it is indeed doable. Besides; At least making some aspects look nicer (Corn/Wheat/Barley fields being 3D rather than a bunch of 2D decals and such, some aspcts having better textures like hair/clothes) would be nice.
    8. I've only done Advent of the Goddess and some of Avon's stuff (On Merchant of Venice currently) and a mish mash of Alchemist and the Divine Knights stuff. Granted, I do think many things are quite odd even now, so fixing story would be doable too, and might even spawn more ideas for Generations. And making it so that you can have other people come into certain quests would be an amazing help.
    9. More skills can use revamps/redoing too, as Bards just got a new skill, the Renown system AND the jams. Focusing on Bards more will feel like they're forcing it on us, but it could be done in a later patch.
    10. Crafters could use a boost, but I think that's the wrong way to do it - Make *two seperate* Gachapans. A monthly "Crafting Gacha" and then the normal gacha.
    11. MOBA no, PvP arena yes.
  • PlatinaKokiPlatinaKoki
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    1: This will be a never-ending problem, especially as people find ways to make hard content easier by applying legit mechanics in different ways (making VHM Girgashiy unable to attack by spamming Windmill, which causes the AI of the hit target to reset)
    2: A special comment on the Soluna Blade, specifically the one that was apparently made; that specific copy was removed from the game (possibly because he traded real money, as spending real life money that doesn't directly make it to Nexon is against the Terms of Service). As for its rarity, well, its most likely more obtainable on KR, for instance, since they have a much larger playerbase, as well as a playerbase more apt to spam Phantasm, which mainly means that it'll be longer before we even see a legitimate Soluna Blade because we have fewer resources. Also, you need to be specific on what a "tier" is; what you have now just seems to be "I want more strong stuff"
    3: You have a point with the homestead part, but the rest of this point is just nonsensical.
    4: Just sounds like you want to be able to select the flashy/annoying name colors. Its also improper to call them "Name-change" potions, since there are potions in KR that let an user change their character's entire name to something else, which isn't (and probably won't be) implemented here. The potion you're referring to is called a "Name COLOR Change Potion"
    5: This one is obvious; blame Korea for their inability to get things like this done.
    6: No on restrictive clothing; one of the things I like about this game is that clothing/gear isn't very restrictive; its what adds to the customization that you says is lacking in #4. Implementing your idea would counter your wishes in #4 for more customization.
    7: Unfortunately, this is impossible. In order to do so, the rendering engine, Pleione, would need to be dissected in ways which can't be done, as the people who created it no longer work for DevCAT/Nexon, so they'd have to completely make a nee engine/use an existing engine that isn't Pleione, at which point, it would be more cost effective to release a brand new game, one where our countless hours of gameplay and thousand of dollars spent would not end up transferring.
    8: On note about allowing "all Generation quests being multi-player", I have to disagree with this. Especially since many Generation quests have been dumbed down to the point where being unable to solo certain missions indicates a lack of skill/understanding; if you can't finish the first (now only) stage of the G10 Final, then you have some issues you need to work out. Also let me say that I was able to solo the entire final mission of Generation 16 on an underleveled giant, on an account with no AoE pets or any other cash shop advantages.

    As for the storyline, I'm surprised that you didn't mention the sandy-haired blonde who became a shota against his own will.

    On the point of "aging NPCs", I have never seen an MMO with that, so I have no idea why you'd bring it up.

    As for changing Generations to have "positive/negative", there are many MMOs that lack this "variety", and if you pay attention to the story, even Dark Knights have the ability to be good
    9: Seems like that might encourage overplaying; nothing sounds worse than six differrent pieces playing together, and the likelihood of people doing ensembles doesn't increase.
    10: What? You talk like there's too many patterns or something. I haven't seen patterns/manuals in Gacha in ages.
    11: No. A MOBA in Mabi is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard come from this board, and I've seen plenty of dumb ideas.

    A lot of your ideas seem to be "Well, most other games have x, so Mabinogi should have x, too." This is a terrible reason, especially since Mabinogi prides itself on being unique in ways that matter.

    A few stray observations;

    -Don't compare Mabi with games like WoW, especially since WoW is a subscription-based game, whereas Mabi is a "free-to-play with micro-transactions" game; subscription-based games may have strengths where f2p games are weak, and f2p games may have strengths where subscription-based games have weaknesses.
  • RaintheswordRainthesword
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    edited June 26, 2017
    I like where your coming from OP and I hope someone who has some pull forwards these ideas to the developers because these are both good for us and profitable for the game, alas I feel they the developers are out of touch with the community and like many business aim for the simple, quickest and crude method to profit ruining long term profit. (Ah yes more clarification on terms used too)

    (Rip Aussie latency)