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Stuck with this Skill Reset Capsule?

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I got an All Skill Reset Capsule (Untradable) as a Return Incentive, and I don't want to use it - but I can't drop it and there's no option to destroy it and it won't let me put it into the bank. What can I do?


  • BinhyoungBinhyoung
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    I assume put in a support ticket for them to remove, or if it's time limited, wait for it to expire then hit the hour glass in inventory
  • ShoogShoog
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    Definitely file a support ticket as Binhyoung suggested. I think the Nexon staff already started their holiday break though, so you might not get a response until sometime next week. Another option, if it doesn't have a timer, is to use it and pray to the Mabi Goddesses that it doesn't crash your client. Those things are evil incarnate! D: Resetting all those skills back to rF scares me to even think about it lol.
  • ZincathonZincathon
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    You could always save it for CP training in the future :O Hydra Master title is a pain to get when you have even 3k+ CP.
  • WahsayahWahsayah
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    Hey, I don't want this stupid thing in my inventory and I can't get rid of it. Why is the feature to destroy it or leave it on the ground to rot not implemented as one of the most basic concepts to inventory management of any game?


    Please fix this. Thanks.
  • KttyKtty
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    It is a known problem that currently requires you to submit a support ticket to have removed.

  • RegnierRegnier
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    edited January 14, 2017
    Hello, i have a problem, as some already know, the quest of the returned miletian gives you several rewards, including 2 all skill reset capsules, the problem is these capsules, you can not throw them, save them in inventory, save them in the bank or pet. How can I get rid of them?. Since it is a nuisance and the only way to disappear is to use them (which I do not want to do)
    Would appreciate any help, thanks