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So KR got some things..

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in Tarlach Chat
Earlier today I was handed screenshots that Nexon KR Had Character name, server, and pet name / server change coupons added into their Cash shop, and I for one am excited yet concerned.

Firstly; What exactly do we keep and what do we lose? From a google translate it looks like personalized items / Banked items will be lost. Which asks the question of ; Why would ANYONE change servers if they've invested into a server already, As well as having to pay on top of the character server switch (Roughly 25k NX) to have our pets server switched.

I understand that things in KR and NA are very different however knowing Nexon NA (No offense intended in saying this) Its highly doubtful you'd do anything off the beat and path of KR.

If I recall (Correct me if wrong) Mabinogi KR had put into play a server merge or at least the potential to do so, So why can't NA?
Frankly speaking, I believe we can all agree on the fact that Mabinogi NA is losing its players at a alarming rate, Without a event going on 99% of the time, Tarlach is dead. Or at least everyone is MIA oppose to other servers (I.E Ruari) Where you can walk across Dunbarton and find atleast 15 active people oppose to Tarlach's 3 - 5 Players.

If anyone from Nexon actually reads this, Are you going to follow the KR Route and put out server switchs, or are you going to (what I would call the better alternative) server merge to bring the collective 2-3k Players into one server.

At this point it's become obvious that your servers arn't up to par as they use to, with constant lag and displacement issues, Perhaps it would be wise to start closing down servers or like I said, merging them all and focusing on the one server and perhaps later down the road re-releasing servers.

TL;DR : KR Released Server switch tickets at the cost of roughly 25k NX, and pet switchs at 7k NX Each ; Should NA Get the same deal, or do you think we should merge / stay as is? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  1. Server Merge, or Server Switch?52 votes
    1. Switch
       12% (6 votes)
    2. Merge
       71% (37 votes)
    3. Stay as is.
       17% (9 votes)


  • NamiriNamiri
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    edited June 6, 2017
    Wouldn't it have made more sense for you to have just posted in the Server Merge thread over in the Feedback and Suggestions sub-forum instead of making your own separate post in the Tarlach server sub-forum that Nexon will probably never notice?

  • MahaousMahaous
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    I'm dying for a merge or a server transfer. Send me to Alexina real quick, Nexon.

  • HiroHiroHiroHiro
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  • justshowingjustshowing
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    i'd buy a name change. I wasn't very inspired when I named my in game character back when i was a newbie. but now I get teased for my name XD

    I don't even like my screen name on my forms either. "justshowing" makes me look like I'm a boastful arrogant meanie :C
  • ShiftyShifty
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  • CrimsCrims
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    I don't think those items should ever be released here. It would cause massive population instability.
  • MayleinMaylein
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    Yea i don't wanna be ripped out of tarlach and put on mari and even worse have to change my name. Especially because i think im a wanted criminal on mari for making a joke that somone took seriously... I MEAN Because THEY SHOULD MOVE TO TARLACH seriously though Mari Ruari and Tarlach are all part of a naming theme while even in 2009 i thought alexina was a random name. she does basicly nothing.
  • AmelinaAmelina
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    I mean seriously guys, if there was a server merge or switch...they culd just add an M R T or A in front of our names to show where we originally came from...

    For example I would be: [T] Amelanii (insert title)