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open ٩•̤̀ ᵕ •̤́ ٩

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edited August 10, 2017 in Fan Creations
School's starting again in less than a week so I'm thinking I should draw some stress relief things. I'm choosing two ppl only~ Telling me what you want their expression to be would be super helpful ٩(•̤̀ ᵕ •̤́٩ )

Here are some examples: http://imgur.com/a/T1ycA http://imgur.com/a/jZpZG http://imgur.com/a/Bd0Hw http://imgur.com/a/tHtsk

1. Qmiko

P.S. I'm better at drawing girls....fyi lol

UPDATE: requests were funner than I thought, so feel free to others to request heir charas lol
  1. do u play mystic messenger9 votes
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    2. no
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    3. wth is that
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