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Erinn Martial Arts Runs

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Hi again!

I think I only ran this TM once, but I heard it was great experience and people spam it. Are there other benefits that come from doing this TM? Also, what should a party be made up of for it?

Sorry for the excessive posting haha I've been wanting to be more involved with the community.
Thank you again!


  • KororeKorore
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    edited December 29, 2016
    It definitely is great EXP depending on your party's clear speed. The gold reward is also a nice little addition.

    You can also get some NPC outfits like Endelyon's Lymilark Habit, Succubus Bodywear, etc that you can sell to players for a nice bonus.

    I'm not sure what the party's should consist of nowadays though.
  • KagaKaga
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    edited January 2, 2017
    Crisis + blaze is the best way to do Martial Arts runs. Fastest too.
  • ErydanosErydanos
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    There are videos of temas and even solo players clearing EMAT. You can watch them for ideas.

    Though as Kaga stated, the best method is to use Crisis (Puppet Skill) to gather the enemies as they spawn in one tight bunch, then use Blaze (Magic) to nuke them.