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White Screen when logging in

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in Technical Support
My friend just downloaded Mabinogi and it ran for a little while but when she tries to open it now, there's just a white screen. The background music still plays but you can't see anything. I've already tried putting it in windowed mode with alt+enter but it doesn't do anything. It goes into windowed mode by itself after selecting a character even though when it launched it was full screen. Even with windowed mode, I can't see the task manager to force close it. Is there a way to fix this?


  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    Usually the task manager stacks on top of whatever program you have unless you toggle it around. Have you tried to repair the game already? The white screen used to be an old issue that usually hasn't occurred in a while due to the repair issue. Also, are you using ctrl+alt+ delete to bring up the window to select task manager?
  • NomikiNomiki
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    Yes, we tried using ctrl+alt+del to bring up the task manager but it was blocked by the white screen. How do you repair the game?
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited November 24, 2017
    To repair the game (aside from reinstalling it), do the following....

    1. Delete (right-click > Delete) this Mabinogi folder to remove cached data: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Mabinogi

    2. Run (right-click > Merge) this registry file to reset the in-game settings: C:\Nexon\Library\mabinogi\appdata\default.reg
    When prompted with a warning from Windows about changing the System Registry > Press Yes.

    As for being stuck and not being able to open Task Manager (this could be caused by a number of things; hard to tell without more information about the system).... it's not the best thing to do (in fact it's the crappiest thing ever) .. but ,.. you can hold down the power button for about 60 seconds to turn it all off. ~ I'm taking a wild guess here.. but ... have your friend check to see if UAC (User Account Control) is disabled and tell them to make sure they're playing the game from an admin account. If UAC is enabled, they must disable it to play the game. (Control Panel > User Accounts > Change UAC settings > set to 'Never Notify'. <-- Anything else will cause the game to freeze or kick you out when blocked.