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How to unlock upgrades?

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Im kind of new and i cant find information about this but. How i unlock the upgrades for wands? Most of them are like "????" in the list the first chain cast upgrade acording to the wiki cost 12 proficiency and i have 27 on two diferent wands and is still like "????" on the list. Im sorry for my bad english


  • nevyn25nevyn25
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    some upgrades are only available after earlier upgrades. for example, chaincasting can only be done as the 4th upgrade on some wands, requiring 3 upgrades to appear. the proficiency is purely how much you need for that specific upgrade. it doesn't unlock them
  • TheNyanCatTheNyanCat
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    Remember to look up your specific weapon on the mabinogi wiki since a lot of items have their own unique upgrade path. In addition to that not every NPC has the same upgrades either.

    Also for most wands it's best to go for the 5 chain cast upgrade since most wands only have one upgrade for them which is at 4~4.