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My Account has Been... Reset?

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in Technical Support
I'm somewhat at a loss of words from the shock but... my stuff is all gone. Not stolen gone. More like it never existed gone. My characters and pets replaced with a cookie cutter Lv25 and the base horse and eagle. I was on a long hiatus(3~4 years) from the game and was getting back into it recently. Was there a wipe of inactive accounts at some point? What are my options here..?

I understand if its gone through inactivity. I don't know what else to say.


  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited January 16, 2018
    There was no wipe I'm aware of (I've been here since the dawn of time). Have you filed a ticket to support?

    Log in here, click Submit Request and follow the prompts. Good luck to you. :|

    Attention: @GMNkeona
  • UnisexUnisex
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    Check if all your race buttons ticked. My humans only showed when I started again. Other than that, no idea.
  • GMNkeonaGMNkeona
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    So there could be multiple things to it. First you may be logging into the wrong account. If you submit a ticket just try your best to remember your old character name and server so they can locate the correct account for you and try to do an email change for it.

    Another thing is you might not have View All(or just all of the boxes) ticked on your character selection screen. This option is in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This option allows you to filter out certain races, pets, etc. so be sure to go through each tick if needed to see if there are other characters hidden somewhere.

    Please be aware we never alter accounts that are inactive, like we will never delete your character on mabi, etc.