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Is the symbol for Mabi used for something else?

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in General Chat
I’ve played this game on and off for a little under a decade, and I’ve decided I want to get the symbol tatted. Does the thing have any other meaning to it I should know about though? Ive heard it was a Celtic symbol, but I couldn’t find anything about it online. Maybe I’m just dumb, but better safe than approached by an old dude in a bar to be chastised for something stupid. Thanks for yer time <3

Sorry if there was somewhere better to post this, I don’t come here often.


  • CarlizeCarlize
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    It's a celtic knot, I believe it's a variation of a dara celtic knot. They come from Ireland and generally, they stand for eternity because it's all composed of one line that continues repetitively. I believe each of the knots have their own meanings as well, so you may want to google specifically celtic knots to learn more about the meanings behind them. I've seen some beautiful tattoos of celtic knots, I think it'd be a great idea :)
  • MaiaMaia
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    here's what you need a tat of
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