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Selling/Buying List

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edited May 10, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
Amigo's Stuff for sale: (this stuff'll need a trade unlock so just to let anyone know in advance)
R1 Allegro Lyre PE 18
R1 Girg Taunes (DGM 12 max dmg)
R6 Taunes

For Sale (separate from the above threw most of this on AH):
Crossbow Max 20, Throwing Attack 19 DK Gaunts
S>Encore/Ambush R1 Bohemian (2/1) M 3-lines Crash Shot Fragment 5
Trustworthy Accessories 3.5m
Mystic Crystal M Outfit NMO
Horseback LC 19, Chain Sweep 11 Broken Hunter Sandals (on hold, but you can offer if ya want)
Burlesque Burn 3m
Encore Burns 200k EA
(I'm open to trades as well)

Lovely Ribbon Tail 8m
Lovely Cupid Archer F 15m
Kokopo Pet 15m
Walking Freakshow 15m
r1 Cat Greaves 500k EA
Artisan Removals 350k EA
#876F3C Metal AND Cloth Dyes 200k EA Mail
Perfect Repair Kits 250k EA
Unrestricted Passes 250k EA (stop me)
#330000 Fixed Dyes 1m EA
Alban Heroic Stones 1m EA
500% Monster Damage Alban Token 250k EA
Monster Spawn (all above 100%) Alban Tokens 150k/300k
Party Max Damage (Alban) 50% 200k EA
Mystic Crystal F Boots/Gloves 1m or NMO
Couples Knight Officer (M) 10m
#996600 Metal Dye 750k EA

DM or IGN Tairiku


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