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Inventory Tab for Bags


  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
    Mabinogi Rep: 12,840
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    edited December 21, 2016
    I agree it would definitely be very convenient to have more space (we can never have too much extra space), and I agree with the assertion of possibility (as it most certainly is possible), but.... while I agree with both of those points, I have to ask what we would gain from this outside of the inventory space of (technically speaking) 2 more bags? While our bags are seemingly consuming our entire inventory, they themselves are the many upgrades to that inventory. Pretty soon, we would have people complaining because both of their tabs (normal inventory and bag inventory) are full of bags, and we'd be right back to where we started. ~ Am I wrong? image

    Personally, I think they should make the 2D bag graphic smaller; like 1x1 for ALL of them. There's no real reason for them to hog space. image
  • ArgenArgen
    Mabinogi Rep: 915
    Posts: 28
    Because if you did that, why have bags of varying sizes? Why not just have them all be 8x8+? There's also the fact that you'd have to go back over EVERY BAG in Mabi (which is... quite a large amount of them) and resize them so they're all 1x1 instead of the size they are now. One bag I can understand but all of them is... asking a lot.

    With the Inventory Tab for bags though, it's something that's already in place in a different server. So... why are we missing out? I won't accuse anyone of being lazy. Things get complicated between companies, especially if they're on the international level. I'm just suggesting an idea that I think is fair and not asking for anything too dramatic. Don't get me wrong. It'd mean going back over the inventory system and adding a new tab but considering that the script for this already exists, I'd hope it wouldn't be too difficult (I have very, very limited knowledge of coding, scripting, and CSG so feel free to correct me on anything that I'm screwing up) to take that script and add it to here. If I'm remembering right though, you might have to kind of... translate the script? I kind of hope I'm not asking for too much.
  • SoraHakuDASoraHakuDA
    Mabinogi Rep: 945
    Posts: 39
    This is all i'm imagening x'D


    But i like the idea! I've always hoped this was possible ever since i joined mabi.
  • FrahaleahFrahaleah
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,285
    Posts: 174
    Or better yet, how about they just get rid of the whole inventory style, I mean come on, some items have the humongous item info tooltip, so I highly doubt someone is going to use the wrong item if the icon is shrunk down to 1x1, heck even some of the items look like they can still be identified even if they were shrunk to a 1x1 square. Seriously, look at all the bags we as players have, 36 slot, 100 slot... You'd think those bags (All bags that is) could hold that many items, but no, with the inventory system we have, good luck.

    Now I know some people like to play 'Mabinogi Tetris' but come on, at least let us stow bags in other bags, or at least let us stick a few in the personal (Me) tab, I mean seriously the bags themselves aren't even tradable anyway, so then WHY can't they be added to the Personal (Me) tab. The bags in the VIP tab idea is good, except for one thing... How are you going to access those bags if your VIP were to run out?
  • KryoKryo
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,450
    Posts: 298
    You're able to pull stuff out of the VIP tab if you lose service and don't renew.

    All I know is I'm about to run out of room for bags, and it only makes sense that some of them should be able to fit inside others if we can't put them on other tabs. >:c
  • LidrsterLidrster
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,830
    Posts: 98
    And then, 6 months later, people will start asking to be able to put bags in bags in bags.
  • ArgenArgen
    Mabinogi Rep: 915
    Posts: 28
    Well, if it saves on space, and other places are doing it, why not?
  • SherriSherri
    Mabinogi Rep: 16,370
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  • MyrkekMyrkek
    Mabinogi Rep: 370
    Posts: 15
    The problem with a bag tab is it'd probably be put behind a paywall. If you think inventory management is a pain now, image the vast majority of your inventory space being effectively held for ransom. Personally I'm cool with just selling/dumping my crap if I've overloaded my 6 bank accounts, side characters, pets, and bags.
  • ArgenArgen
    Mabinogi Rep: 915
    Posts: 28
    There's no guarantee that it'd be held behind a pay wall. It also wouldn't make much sense to employ and would be kind of a low move. It's great that you have things figured out for yourself but others might be playing differently or might just want to hold on to things for one reason or another. Personally, I tend to do a lot of things at once. I make potions so I keep the kit and some herbs and base potions on hand, turn ore into ingots for smithing, have weapons for different circumstances, keep multiple potions on hand for myself and others, especially in the case of emergencies, have passes which aren't allowed to be placed on pets, two sets of armor (light and heavy) so I can be as variable as possible for any given situation, etc. Selling or just getting rid of these and focusing on nothing but combat would mitigate my role in combat and support and make me less dependable. I'm used to playing as a soloer in the past and a soloer has to always be prepared for literally anything and have a plan of attack for what's next. Hence the need for a lot of space. I'm sure others have their reasons as well. It makes sense to want to use something that already exists for the game, another country or not. On the other hand, just getting rid of stuff because it's taking up space feels... wasteful. I'd rather everything served the purpose it exists for.
  • SunbeamtheGreatSunbeamtheGreat
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,290
    Posts: 83
    More inventory space would be great or increase the bag space size. Fantasy thought like 75 x 75. I don't want to keep on buying lots of pet/partners just to be used as invetory storage....