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Can't Access Ch7

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in Technical Support
tl;dr :
Login > 2nd Password > Character Selection > Channel 7 Selected > Play
Loading bar finishes, immedately placed at login screen again.
Every other channel works, I'm just denied into 7.
Which, As being from Tarlach, sucks when thats the only active channel. :^]


  • ShoogShoog
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    Did you crash at some point while on that channel? Did you have any issues with entering a shadow mission or did you d/c or crash while in the mission?

    Sometimes the above factors can cause you to get locked out of the channel you're playing on. Normally this will not clear up until the next scheduled maintenance. Once the servers refresh from that, it should allow you to have access to that channel again. It's a frustrating bug.
  • KttyKtty
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    Epademic wrote: »
    Which, As being from Tarlach, sucks when thats the only active channel. :^]

    As Shoog said denial to a single channel is due to you crashing out (the server still shows you logged in. Hence the reason you can't log back to that channel). You will need to wait untill the next server restart to gain access to that channel. Yes That channel is most populated (Obviously it's the shopping channel) but there are other used channels as well (I'm on Tarlach). If It's for the new raids I've seen quite a few people on other channels as well (did some channel hopping myself) because there are those that avoid C7 and it's associated lag.
  • EpademicEpademic
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    Yikes, Well I think it started from me trying to plant strawberry seeds in my homestead ; Someone else crashed with me & Also cannot change channels, However two others were completely fine. Guess It's just a waiting game then, Thanks.