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you're really cute today!

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edited September 4, 2018 in Mari Chat
I normally wouldn't post this but enough is enough.
I'm totally okay if this gets locked or removed, but I will not name drop.

What I do with my party tags is not a mod, it is a glitch that happens if you change channels and anyone can access this.
I am not the only person that does this, and it happens when people buy/sell.
However, why is it when I show random acts of kindness, I get harassed? Let me begin.

I have been playing this game for well over 8 years, and maybe doing this for approximately 5 years.
I am sure a lot of you have noticed, I have a variety of parties or even shop titles that read
you're really cute today
you're rad as heck
you're peachy

etc etc

I don't do this for myself, I do it for everyone else, and again, I've done this for YEARS.
Only up until ~2 years ago this has become a problem?
I've received hateful and rude notes, but also really pleasant ones!
People ask me why I do this and I do it because people have bad days. We all do!
Weeks, months, it depends. And people have noted me literally thanking me- I'm not making this up.
Its a random act of kindness because I know how it feels to feel sad or horrible.
People have said that it makes their day, made them smile, or even feel better about their bad day by simply logging in and seeing random positive messages!

This is about everyone else, not myself. Please stop being rude and disrespectful and just accept that some people want to be kind to others.
I don't understand how difficult it was to just appreciate or even just leave alone a person whom they don't know being nice to others, without being provoked.
Though, I thank you for encouraging me to continue to be a nicer, better person to people who need it the most, and have bad days.
It should not be hard to fathom that a person wants to simply go out of their way to be positive for the community.

Just let things alone, rather than wasting your time creating another character just to harass a good person.
Please don't create a toxic community, it isn't necessary. Move along.
FYI, continuing to harass me and swear at me makes you NO better than me, or the trolls. Get off, and leave me alone. Thanks.


  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    The fact that some idiot took the time to make a guild proves how disgusting and immature people really are. I have known Anemki for a few years now and at first I didn't understand what the party signs meant so I asked her and I when she told me I couldn't help but think how wonderful the meaning behind it is. Infact now her party signs make me smile, knowing what they mean.
    Honestly people, grow up. There is no need for simple kind things to be turned into hate. She is doing it to make someone's day better, not to piss you off or annoy you. Don't like it? Don't comment about it, just ignore the party signs and go about your day instead of being toxic.
  • FluoretteFluorette
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,455
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    Something is being said about this. I was wondering when this would happen.

    You know, the baffling thing about this situation is that there is another user who has been doing the exact same thing except a lot more frequently--creating a party with a title in it that's not related to buying and selling on a daily basis, and yet I don't see them receive any backlash via a "response" party title for it (not that I'm saying they should). Heck, I've seen several users do the same and post silly, nonsense, and even downright offensive messages through party titles throughout my past nearly two years of playing. So the question is: Why is it that you are receiving such terrible backlash?

    Whenever I see your party titles, I'm under the assumption that you're trying to spread positivity to the server. It looks like I was right about that. Neat.

    Now, I could understand if they didn't like seeing your messages while scrolling through the party chat purely to see what others are buying and selling. I really could. However, in that case this could be handled much more courteously through a polite note asking you to stop, a private message via forums, etc. instead of these petty "response" party titles. If they simply don't like positivity or the idea of someone trying to spread some then, eh, I mean they could just block you to stop seeing the messages in chat, right? (Dunno how the blacklist works honestly, so if I got that wrong blah.)

    I also think it's fair to note that I don't see you do this very often, or at least not so much anymore. Maybe once or twice a month? And there's usually a nice enough amount of days in between those times. Yet each time you create a party with one of the titles as of late, these responses follow. This has been repeated on more than one occasion with multiple names (or are they all alts of the same user?) creating these "response" party titles.

    With all of this considered (especially now with the guild) I simply can't shake off the feeling that it's bad blood. I don't why, but these people or this person potentially really dislikes you.
  • AnemkiAnemki
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    edited June 21, 2018
    I usually do just shake it off and continue doing what I'm doing. Honestly, it just encourages me to be kind and a better person.
    That's what I tend to reply to when I get notes.

    I've also been accused of it being a mod, which it is not. Anyone can do this, and several people have stacked parties!
    Sometimes I do it more frequently, sometimes I rarely do it simply because I have stuff to buy, or I'm just working more hours.
    The funny part about the mods though, the notes I've received have swear words and cussing.
    I'm aware of various ones yes, but hello! Accusing someone of using mods, whilst using them yourself is pretty silly.
    There are filters that allow you to swear and several of the people who've noted me use them too!

    This all just boils down to:

    It's unreal and unnecessary to just spread hate and be rude to people that are not directly rude or offensive to you!

    I've also seen certain players use bugles, parties, and even shop titles to directly HARASS other players or guilds, or be down right harsh.
    Though, they're still around, and heck I don't even know if they get warnings from staff for harassment.

    I'm never going to stop doing what I do. Sometimes I take breaks from it, but I've been here for years.
    All of a sudden, the community just wants to get bothered in the past couple years? Something is wrong...
  • AnimemabiAnimemabi
    Mabinogi Rep: 715
    Posts: 59
    Some people go out of their way to be complete loosers when i came back to mabi i started to make good use of the blacklist option with any mmo you will find scum at the bottom if the barrel dont let them discourage you tho.
  • AnemkiAnemki
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,170
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    edited June 29, 2018
    I sort of don't like to use the Blacklist, personally. You do not have a Blacklist in real life, so I don't do it on Mabinogi.
    If I ever reply to notes, I'm usually just my passive, and (rarely) aggressive self if it ever comes to that point, but I am never discouraged.
    I always recommend the Blacklist to other players if they really need to, because it is a helpful tool in itself.
    Though, it needs to be re-worked like a few things in the game, including notes and whispers.

    Mabinogi has been a great place for me to go and leisure, and have fun. Even if I'm done with a lot of the content and skills,
    now I just find time to continue to be kind to others, or help out in any way I can. (:
  • LolaiLolai
    Mabinogi Rep: 505
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    I don't know why others would harass you for it, it's never been a problem for me. If anything others may personally just not like you or distaste always seeing what you have to say considering it as an annoyance. Tbh I always saw it as if you don't like what someone has to say just turn your selective hearing on. The sad news is with blacklisting someone they can still note you, you can still see parties, and you can still see shops. This may be a reason why people put up parties or shops to harass others. In other news, the best thing to do is honestly try reporting them or contacting a gm over harassment. Some people are just miserable and want to make others feel miserable. Rather that is directly contacting them or using others to influence their negative behaviors. If anything I say don't give them the acknowledgment that what they say or do has any effect on you, others get a kick out of that. Your tryna spread positive vibes keep doing that cause there are people who actually do enjoy seeing your parties or shop names.
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