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Goods and Buying:

Mabinogi Rep: 1,405
Posts: 73
edited August 29, 2018 in Tarlach Marketplace
For Sale:
Balloon Pony 4m
Cone Hat Pony 5m
Sacred Feather Wings 15m
Fixed White Dyes 1m EA (out for now I'll restock later)
Jan Giang & Mo Ye Appearance Scrolls 7.5m EA or TF 2H and Dual Sword Stances
Knuckles Stance 4m or TF> Cylinder or One-Handed Sword Stance
r1 LC 18 Thames Boots (Oblivion/Viscount) 20m
Talvish Hair Coupon 3m

Dual Gun Stance 5m
Sporty Shades & Demigod Gloves (jack o' lantern colors) 1m EA
2H/Twin Sword Stances 8m EA
Spooky(s)/Eerie Burn (also price check would be neat)

Pretty much always buying till the end of time:
Ancient Golden Crystals 3m EA
Shining Metal Shards 1.5m EA
Avelin Dye Sets 1m EA
4A2F29 Fixed Brown Dyes (Pet 50k, Reg 100k, Metal 150k)
Pure Metal Shards 2m EA
Enchant Protects 2m EA
Talvish Dye Sets 1m EA
Royal Rose Dress Dye Amp Sets 1m EA
Royal Rose Weapon Dye Amp Sets 1m EA
Unrestricted Passes 250k EA (stop me)
Alban Heroic Stones 1m EA
500% Monster Damage Alban Token 250k EA
Monster Spawn (150% & 200%) Alban Tokens 150k/200k
Party Max Damage (Alban) 50% 200k EA
#996600 Metal Dye 1m EA

Note Tairiku or DM