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  • Fluorette wrote: » I remember Lorna and Pan. Do you remember what restaurant it was? I rarely ever see products for Korean games sold (at least where I am), so this is intriguing. I assume it was one of the popular ones in Korea at the time…
  • Iyasenu wrote: » Oh, that's amazing! I didn't know they did a promotional physical DVD release of the Lorna & Pan series. To this day, I still really like the Lorna & Pan series. It was one of the things that got me interested in play…
  • We all know all these people talking about boycotting NX purchases will end up opening their wallets when a Creepy Haunted gacha happens. And it will eventually happen if this is some desperate move by Nexon to acquire more income. Oh and, I'm di…
  • I'm pretty sure Nexon is one of the sponsors of that series
  • They added Awakening skill for 17 different weapon type. Oh and it seems like you can ego Divine weapons. source:
  • Veylaine wrote: » EDIT: well had my korean friend translated it for me and it matches what you said, we're also getting a new dungeon difficulty maybe? Yeah, the dungeon difficulty is called Veteran. It's basically regular dungeon mobs buffed t…
  • edit: woops
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Who's gonna pay or it? The slaves whales
  • Yes, let's build a wall between Alexina and Nao. Make Mabinogi great again. Jokes aside, I think it would be better to merge all the servers. Not sure why they decided to keep Alexina out.
  • Considering exam season is over, I'm assuming we'll get Master Plan event soon? And/or reforge time event. We haven't had those in a while now.
  • Just farm all the mats and wait for the next 2x exp event to come around for 16* training. If you have receiver of Nao's blessing title coupon, you can even do 32* training. Watching something while endlessly farming helps. Also have your red mon…
  • Not optimal yet. I'm still missing Black Bag and some bags needs to be replaced with more efficient ones.
  • Final strike has some sort of Bash-like mechanic built in to it. I think you get more attack speed per enemies hit. Froglord wrote: » Aside from this; Human FH gets severely nerfed, and dual weilding is supposed to knock-down mobs now. This is…
  • To my knowledge, Elves are the best race for single target dps. By stacking Vision of Ladeca, Final Shot and spamming Magnum Shot allows you to deal insane damage very quickly. This is all I can say about this because I'm not an expert on this topic…
  • Jazmyn wrote: » Why not Tara? Rent is too high. Also, lag.
  • I'd probably choose Abb Neagh. It has great view, cheap rent and it's in walking distance of Dunby. I can also build a house near the lake and yell at people for stepping on my lawn during soon to come fishing events.
  • About a month ago, I said this game has been enjoyable thanks to frequent updates and that Nexon is doing well recently. I take that back.
  • Chicken breast with onion and asparagus Easy recipe for the lazy me. You can just do it in one pan to avoid lots of dishes, but I'll do it with two because it taste better that way. It's not bad considering the amount of effort going in. Ingre…
  • I have a legitimate question Hardmuscle. What do you hope to accomplish by bashing Nexon? If Nexon is as corrupt as you say they are, shouldn't they have dealt with you by now? Keep in mind that I'm not trying to defend Nexon, I'm just trying to und…
  • Nysephir wrote: » I was unaware of Arena's existence untill now. The Mabinogi 2 I mentioned was supposed to be either a sequel or a continuation. Now whether my friend was mentioning Arena or Mabi 2 I'll have to ask him next time we chat. Mabi…