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  • Hell why not have a "Dwarf" race while your at it
  • SO everyone wants a "Dark Elf" which is a different type of race in the Elven race line when "Elf" are all fair skinned. another stupid idea
  • you could buy homestead mines for 100 pons each
    in HS fee Comment by Falskull May 18, 2017
  • If Nexon/Devcat listened to crybaby's like this post the game would go down hill faster then it already is. I mean they have already nerfed g1-3 to the ground to make it easier for new players to them a start that can get them in to the game. That a…
  • so basically you want a Soul Reaper class and not a True Necromancer class. here is the Ideal Necromancer class in the death magic, Blood Magic, and curses sections https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Necromancer
  • you do know the Celtic's were testing out guns and assassination theory so gunner and ninja skill sets make since. I'm not saying necromancy isn't viable when it completely is. The way your going about necromancy is illogical i mean necromancers don…
  • you realize your idea is part of the Blue Mage skill set from Final Fantasy and not in relations to actual necromancy. Since Actual Necromancy uses Zombies and Skeletons and not Ghosts. Using ghost is called Ghostologist which is the study of ghost.…
  • Egos do need a boost to what they are and lowering the exp to lvl them when they get uncapped can be useful but for now its not suggested with how many people who have capped their egos already it would be unfair to them. Now if stats were added to …