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  • Greta wrote: » You people finally get a merge and dare to ask for such crap... I wish we were merged, but what we get...? Now we can wait and see how Alexina is slowly dying out. "Dare ask for such crap" lol, you act like we were asked if we…
  • aef8234 wrote: » I also like how a lot of very dangerous skills are only slightly faster than base human speed. Yeah, like final hit ^^; That one move made at least Tara castle shadow missions easier. Helsa, the feathers wear off after like …
  • Beware, ALL 4 of my characters have a +server name now and I think it's what's stopping me from being able to log on. Game does nothing but crash now
  • This feels like it might have been cancelled not because of lack of hype, but because it was too similar to Vindictus, another Nexon game that has gameplay exactly like this sounds like, but it's actually a PREquel to Mabinogi. Shame tho.
  • Was it on the other side of the wall or halfway stuck in the wall? Did you have a mage with you? Both glitches happpened to me before, if the enemy is on the other side of the wall, get your mage to get as close as possible to the wall and then ro…
  • Have you tried windowed mode? Mine vanish too whenever I use fullscreen. I don't know what goes on or how to fix it so I just always play in windowed mode.
  • From my understanding in the FAQ, the seal breaker titles aren't useable until after the name change coupons arrives. I thought they just couldn't be used with a +server name though so now I'm just confused on if I misunderstood or if you found a g…
  • Gembi wrote: » CTRL+ALT+DELETE - Go to task manager and exit all Nexon programs and reopen. Be sure to scroll down to find any hidden in the background. Happens to me sometimes. I was about to say this. Sometimes when I try to exit Mabinogi…
  • If I read the FAQ right, it said that no one will be able to make a new character with the name that's +server until after the name change coupons have a chance to go into effect so that no one can just make a new account and swipe that name out fro…
  • Yikes that's more than my car insurance. Either way, I haven't bought any gatcha since way back when the butterfly wings were released and I dropped $90 trying to get a SINGLE pair and didn't even walk away with enough sellable items to buy the win…
  • Rikka wrote: » I am so excited to meet new people in this server merge! [From Mari]. I hope this really brings the game to life again~ See y'all in game! IGN: Rikkaru+Mari (i have no clue how to change that) No worries, they're working on a na…
  • I'm having the opposite issue where I can't STOP my screen from zooming out. I'll be not even touching my mouse and the screen will just start spinning around my character or zoom all the way out to outer space
  • I thought the rings vanished forever once divorced?
  • Thanks for the heads up! Time to leave this Nao mess and start over on Alexina lol
  • 200 people are about to be pissed off?
  • I'm worrying/wondering about the same thing, I have a marriage and two daughters and all of that is null and void now as far as I can tell because we've got the +server names now. I know they're still working on the name change coupons and I wish…
  • server merge broke everything lol