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  • Not to gear towards off topic, but does anyone play Overwatch? Because maybe Mabinogi doesn't need to get away with the lootboxes completely, but just change their mechanics. I stopped buying them in Mabi because I was tired of opening box after…
  • I'm still debating this. I'm 95% hoping that whoever is my "name twin/triplet" is inactive and I'll default get to keep the names. But if push comes to shove, only one of my names is sentimental and I'd be more than willing to change the others.
  • Oooooh are you talking about the Seal Merchant? The little kid that stands in Dunbarton near Eavan has the Returned Mercenary option when you talk to him now, that if you select a main character with him, he gives you vouchers for weapon and outfit…
  • Have you tried clicking ok and continuing on with the game anyways? My sister plays mabinogi with me and her computer is much older than mine, she had gotten this pop-up every single time she's played for the last like, 5 years, and has never actua…
  • Did you notice if any of your pets were glitched after the merge before you used the whistles? There were issues right now with some like the shark-robe seal and maids that they're currently working on fixing. When you used your whistles, were you…
  • Crittenz wrote: » Where even is NPC Summer cause I can't even find her. An NPC named Summer or the NPC Annie for the Summer event? Try Dunbarton towards the grocer and cooking station
  • Thank you for posting this! I wasn't able to log on and it's nice to see what everyone was so happy about.
  • Good morning! I was doing great and about to play some Mabinogi but for some strange reason I've got the urge to log on Overwatch instead. Weird.
  • Thank you for taking the time to do this! The marketplace is absolute chaos and it'll help so much
  • Sometimes Mabinogi just REALLY hates being run in windowed mode and switching to full screen will fix it. It's like the window border that takes up 0.001 space still smushes some of the larger character designs too far into the text box in an attem…
  • This issue has been resolved for me ever since the July 6th maintenance! Thank you everyone and could an admin lock or take down this thread?
  • Hopefully a helpful update: Have you tried logging in again since the maintenance? (on the 6th), While I was having this issue, I made a character on the Alexina server and simply logging on an uncrowdedchannel fixed the problem, so it was absolute…
  • The last I read about it, they're aware and trying to fix it but in order to do so they have to make the name-change coupons available first. (Which they're having issues with?) They already had their first maintenance patch only 2 days after laun…
  • Did you manage to fix it? Because as well as it needing to be level 30, I believe you have to actually talk to the NPC and they will ask you to verify that you're on the character that you want to be on.
  • Greta wrote: » Nishiki wrote: » 200 people are about to be pissed off? They wanted to merge didn't they? They have to pay the price now. Was there some kind of vote for this merge that I missed or something? You keep making negative comm…
  • Didn't Mari turn into Nao? Maybe it's an alternate universe image where she hadn't died and had gone on to pursue her commercing dreams Or perhaps Fergus is drunk-drawing fanart
  • No worries, Mabinogi could never forget about it's original heroes! We'll always have the little homestead plushies, and doll bags, and I can even transform into Tarlach with high enough Adventuring skill. I think it'd be really cute if they do …
  • Lyni wrote: » @moderators: please pay attention to this population discrepancy over the next few weeks! I joined Alexina because it had the most traffic. It feels like I made the wrong choice now and I can't help but wonder if people from Mari/…
  • Shogai wrote: » I just might server change to Alexina if it'll be emptier. Y'all are lucky. I made a new character on Alexina last night and the only channels that seem crowded are 1 and 2. It was blissfully lag-free even if I lost access to…
  • Trick question because when I first started playing, I was on Ruairi. I got harassed and stalked into leaving and started over on Mari so I was 100% against merging the servers together and making all of that start-over work pointless. I'm trying …