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  • Or maybe an option to use a bind, similar to the CTRL-clicking one for using items without opening the right-click item menu - like you CTRL-click a menu button or w/e and it treats it the same way and skips past confirmation text boxes
    in Excessive Click Comment by Mairu 3:08AM
  • I only just saw this thread, but if they also fix some of the myriad issues and progression weirdness with G1, G2, and G3, I'll be VERY happy. lol
  • I've wanted a Leminia's Holy Moon Sword for forever, it's basically impossible to get these days
  • I got hounded by family all through the holidays and completely forgot to use my catalyst before it expired, ughhhhh, missed outttt
  • The amount of bags is getting ridiculous; barely have space in my main inventory for any more, and I'm not too keen on picking up VIP just to sate my bag addiction... q-q
  • the problem I'm having is I have NO idea how to go about the shadow mission for this event. Do I need like 800 gnawed pages? do I even have to bother with the colour orbs? what's with the cheese??? I literally don't know what the mission completion …
  • Megasoul wrote: » If I remember correctly, unlocking the prerequisite on any character for Divine Knights enables it for all. I might be wrong though. Also, G1 and the Lorna quest are now "sorta" the same thing. Lorna Tutorials->G1. Although…
  • Draech wrote: » It never had that requirement as far as I know, since every new character (before and after the Chapter Info QoL update) gets the Sense of Loss immediately after completing everything that counts as the introductory tutorial. At th…
  • something something event UI missing something Nevermind, the event UI stuff is weird and apparently the placement hid the Lorna icon off-screen, below the attendance check button
  • Veylaine wrote: » Mairu wrote: » Huh, I've been logged in for at least an hour, points aren't accumulating at all though, and the 'total time' thing isn't budging. Was I supposed to wait before collecting the stamp, or is it bugged? yes you'r…
  • Huh, I've been logged in for at least an hour, points aren't accumulating at all though, and the 'total time' thing isn't budging. Was I supposed to wait before collecting the stamp, or is it bugged?
  • tbh instead of an extension, it'd probably be easier just set it up so anyone who hasn't collected the stamps for the Day 14 prizes will get all the missed prizes on the last day if they actually get perfect attendance on the counter. That way they …
  • Danievictria wrote: » The morning of Day 12, I finally got my Day 10 fruit and stamp. I really hope they extend the event a few days more just so folks who lost 2 days because of this bug can get their rightful prizes. ditto. I've got 12 days l…
  • tend to go it alone, though I used to run a few guilds back in 2009 to 2011-ish. Since then it's been easier just dropping into SMs as a random, help out where I can. I've kinda never felt great feeling obligated to always perform consistently well …
    in Guilds Comment by Mairu August 25, 2019
  • Run into the same bug here, though I oddly got an AP potion for 4 AP? I recall getting the XP fruit yesterday - and the bag expansion too. Logged in every day of the event so far, too.
  • just realised: If two people both have pet adoption medals, they can trade a pet back and forth and force a name change on the pet. This is gonna cause a heck of a frenzy when Nexon puts the medals on the cash shop again.
  • The downside here is that I helped a friend recreate a guild from the Mari server, as they were having an issue where they couldn't create it - the party didn't register as existing for some reason, even after like 2 hours of trying different method…