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  • Wolfsinger wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » Wolfsinger wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » Wolfsinger wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » Wolfsinger wrote: » Greta wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » Last post of July When you posted that, i…
  • Shouldn't this be in the suggestions? It seems like there is a new commerce thread every few months, greivences from not being profitable to being boring. I'm afraid to say that simply adding more places to trade will not cure the boring-ness. Do…
  • Here is a link that explains some fighting game terminology, the combat in mabinogi applies. For instance i noticed that the Gunslinger skills Shooting Rush has very very low startup frames, its pretty much instant after you load the skill. Or where…
  • Perhaps new skills for each talent that would change how they would play out fundamentally ... *just thinking* Maybe if they lowered or removed the start up and recovery frames for attacks and sped up the animations, it would be a totally different…
  • There should be a looking to buy section on the AH, it would change the games economy on a fundamental level. Prices for items would become standardized by players and while you CAN see what an old item sold for, you can't look back further than a m…
    in AH Suggestions Comment by Pyrrus May 17
  • IGN: Pyrrus Server: Alexina
  • I tried to write some novels a few weeks/months ago but couldn't get them to publish, i did eventually after changing them a few times. I tried again last week but it wouldn't work so i just gave up on it. I'm on Alexina.
  • I had the same problem the other day, Joes played first and Rock-U-Bus second. The first song that was played was silent even with the volume up, i did arrive late but only by a small margin, maybe that had something to do with it?