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  • Pheo wrote: » Hey Imaizumi!! Your character is aesthetically lovely as always. I'm not the best at sketching dead plants but I hope this suffices! She looks stunning! Love the accuracy on her expression Thank you for the awesome freebi…
  • Hihihihi love your art it's cute as always!! 2nd ref is just extra info in case you want it. I prefer her outfit's leaves and atmosphere/expression to be generally dead, but fe…
  • IxurCafe wrote: » I struggled a bit with this one, but I hope y' still like it! I LOVE IT!!! Love your style too it's really cute and unique Thank you so much for the freebie
    in Free Art! Comment by Imaizumi June 8
  • Hihi hope my character interests you :> Thank youo for the opportunity!
    in Free Art! Comment by Imaizumi June 7
  • So basically the rate from SMs is really just to be a teaser and try to get you to pay to get the keys? Kind of like getting a reforge in an attendance event when you need 100s of them to actually do something
  • Hihi! I should have sent a commission form your way on Discord under "made of feed#1637" Thanks!
  • Калашников wrote: » Hehe, thank you, Imaizumi ! It's so gooooooddd!!! I really appreciate you capturing this outfit's thematic so well again. It's super awesome Thank you again for the freebie. Tons of love!! Looking forward to seeing the oth…
  • Yay! Always a pleasure to see more of your art Thank you for the opportunity and hope the freebies go well
  • Hihi again! Hope you get some good practice :> If you need additional description beyond what's in the refs, I'd use: Disillusioned, depressed, contemptuous Thank you for t…
  • Fulani wrote: » And thanks for requesting! Here you are: She's cute!! Thank you for the freebie
  • Hihi hope my character interests you~ Thank you for the opportunity!
  • Hihi you can take me off your slots so someone more interested can claim it~ Best of luck in your shop!
  • Ishasan wrote: » Thank you again for advice (≧▽≦) I changed my prices hehe~ and mk will do as you say aha~ 'cuz yes....I had bad experiences before where I made wip but the commissioner just poofed gone (T⌓T) Ohhh I have tried gold transfers …
  • Obviously what I'm about to say is subjective but, I think you could still easily increase your prices by 5-10m without issue~ E.g bust up 15m Ishasan wrote: » I will post a wip and after I will require atleast half payment or if you're not comfy…
  • Hey I did a quick peek at your old shop prices~ At the very least, the value of gold from when you last ran your shop has increased in value by 3-4x roughly to give an idea. Art pricing is subjective, so it's hard to say when something is "too ex…
  • Калашников wrote: » Thank you for wishing me well. Early, alternative sketch (scrapped but I did not want to have waste away) That is a glorious freebie! You completely captured her thematic and the alternate sketch is really good too. I lo…
  • Wow she came out soo pretty.. Thank you for drawing my character!
  • Калашников wrote: » Thank you. Your post is acknowledged. I hope you don't mind the potentially long wait as I am currently unable to start (but this is to have placeholder). Not at all! A freebie is a freebie so I can't complain hope your …