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Oompf. I didn't see that step.
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I like tuttles.


  • I did not win it in a roll, but via gift coupons, but I DID get a 100m coin. It gives you 2x 40m checks and 1x 20m check and is tradeable. After that, I've received nothing else, except a 100k coin a few days later. Banking on titles and wonderin…
  • Oh man, this is so useful. Trying to keep track of the several ending events is so difficult.
  • Yes, it's worth it. Master Plan makes it possible. I don't know if this is all my buffs during Nowhere to Run. But, with a GM Cleric, x3 Baltane Crystal, Mysterious Robe, x2 Combat Exp Pot, D-link LVL 15 Enlightened Vision, and x2 SM Mission Comb…
  • I'm hoping for a Master or an AP event. But it seems every time I come back from hiatus, these are the norm events. There are a LOT of afk events that pop up weekly now. It's kinda scary for this oldbie who just came back a couple months ago. Whe…
  • I commerce only to complete a daily quest. Trading seems so tedious and I can't imagine doing that for hours unless I stop and kill Bandits b/c pewpewpew is more exciting. In regards to pet blueprints. LOL I gave up on the idea that I would get i…
  • Buying star pieces doesn't change how many you can open per day... Though, seeing that we're so close to the end of the event, I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope that I have enough by then.
  • I definitely agree w/ a server merge. It'd be nice to play on a server with more users that aren't afk 80% of the time, particularly when I'm trying to do a falias ptj on my main and several alts... But I digress. >> However, I want my dres…
  • Seconded. Well... *counts* sixthed.
  • Trying to get every single piece of clothing in this game. It's like pokemon, where I just shove them into a little storage unit and maybe once in a while take them out to air. Oh, and max all skills, but that'll happen soon enough...
  • Swords mostly, but eventually, I'd like to go back to archery. Cause pew pew~ c;
  • Here I was, planning to purchase, until I stumble onto this and read about how KR Mabi gets pet pots that lvl to 200. Like, wat. How in the hell do we not get this? Oh, that's right, cause Nexon is G-R-E-E-D-Y. Instead of making the game enjoyabl…
  • Are the rebirth potions tradeable~? That's something I definitely would love to know!