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August 26, 1994
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Please enable me to be anything but myself.
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I play on Mari and I specialize in Transformation Mastery and Life Skills


  • I've got every new Transformation Medal except that Fire Slime And of course, if you use the Shamala Coupons and get any NPCs above, please sell them to me~!
  • Honestly yeah, probably just a really, really weird combination of tiny factors and a momentary freakout from the game. I'd say I was lucky it was just an item I picked up off the ground. I haven't encountered it since.
  • Oh thats strange! I'd never encountered that before, didn't even realize it was a mechanic, and I assumed since Ciar Beginner worked that there wasn't a level threshold. Perhaps there should be more clear in-game notification for this, then. Tha…
  • Check the Hanging Garden upstairs from the Banquet Hall. Tara/Rath's Quest Locator doesn't really know what to do, since the Hanging Garden is technically outside, and that door is the closest to "outside", even though you cannot reach the Gardens …
  • It's worth ranking any skill, even if you don't use the weapon type, due to the permanent stats the skill gives you! So I do recommend ranking Blunt and Axe Mastery with Sword Mastery, as well as any other skills. If you are Human, try to begin t…
  • The Briogh Marble was only meant to be filled before the release of G22 last week. Once you've gotten far enough in G22, you can use the Marble to accumulate the Briogh for yourself to use with Techniques. It is simply a little booster, so you have…
  • I'll write you up a quick guide that should hopefully explain everything, but I am not overly experienced with the mission. The objective of Revived Illusion is to clear all rooms, similar to a dungeon/rabbie phantasm. Once all rooms are cleared…
  • Sheena wrote: » AP + Brionac + Training seals + x2 training event + x2 all skill training potions + friends = r1 blade without much effort. Unfortunately you can't AP train Crusader Skills. Either way: With Rank 1 Judgement Blade being a req…
  • I used Nascent Divinity and Divine Link. I set up hotkeys that allowed me to control my pets movement (Come! and Sit! can have hotkeys set in Options) to keep them safe from AOE. With The Subskill "Sacred Revival" at at least rank 8, Guardian Oath…
  • Although I dont like reused events, Doki Doki had so many nice features. I think it's worth bringing back this year for Valentines if no other event is planned.
  • No, none of my friends have the box yet.
  • This isn't a common issue, I do know that Mabi can be very volatile on unstable connections and the slightest blip will cause it to crash. Ensure that your internet is stable using Internet Speed testing websites, and if using Wi-Fi, consider swit…
  • Gaby5011 wrote: » The event lasts a long time. If you can get coins on your main, you'll have enough for the bag and the other thingy for sure. You cannot get coins on the character who was not automatically selected as the main character for t…
  • This tends to happen in a crash yes, but if this is happening even when logging channels then it must mean something isn't being saved correctly. Attempt "repair files" in Nexon launcher, and potentially a fresh reinstall of the game. If you need h…
  • Since there wasn't a maintenance I never actually got logged off for the event to start, all of a sudden my Alt gets a Blaanid coin, and became the main character for that event without warning. It's not an issue for me since they are on the same se…
  • buuuUMP. Ive got some tasty Saint Guardian stuff~
  • Spirit weapons used to be powerful and the best potential damage bringers if you put the work into it, however the content is outdated and abandoned. I think a lot of people still create a spirit weapon in the hopes that, with a renewal of the syst…
  • I'd like to put some thought towards brain storming a system like this. General: I think the Marks in Iria (Flower Mark, Human Mark, Flightless Bird Mark, Scorpion Mark, etc.) would make amazing places for trading posts. The Routes would be fai…
  • We both used to play Mabi EU, I assume we both went by the same name. Anyway, it's probably one of your add-ons preventing it if that's the case