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August 7, 1991
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"Eat like a horse, train like a dog, sleep like a baby"


  • NemurikoAlexina wrote: » I feel like with Memoirs being a thing, it's so easy to get a new character up to speed that there's no need for race changes. I disagree. There are things that cannot be achieved in shorter times, though the initial st…
    in Race Change Comment by Tatsugi July 12
  • Helsa wrote: » There's been LOTS of discussion about this, even this year but don't worry, in these forums rehashing stuff over and over and over is okay as long as you don't reply 31 or more days after someone else in a thread. Other than that e…
    in Race Change Comment by Tatsugi July 11
  • Negumiko wrote: » only if race change also changes some of your skills as well. like if a human was becoming a elf then final hit, all lance skills, and Berserk would vanish or a giant becoming human would lose stomp and other unique giant skills.…
    in Race Change Comment by Tatsugi July 11
  • Do you have any more references?
  • I know what Im after! Knuckles knuckles knuckles! The fighters best friend!
  • IGN (CURRENT): Tatsugi + Mari What made you choose the name when you started? You know.. I'm not really sure anymore. It was so long ago, I just came to accept it as part of me, and forgot the reason somewhere along the way. Did you ever wish y…
  • My question would be.. Does the wagon actually sell COFFEE? I mean we dont get a truck that sells sweets despite being covered in either cookies or ice cream... The special thing could have been that it sells espressos, iced coffee, mochas, or hot c…
  • Already have 3 trees.. this makes 4?
  • Oh! A second number... Then I choose... 17
  • I pick.... 19
  • Well... in all seriousness.. that tree has had issues in he past. On more than one occasion it was left in for 2-4 months after Christmas and all other decorations had been removed for quite some time. I’m not suprised that it’s either been left alo…
  • Alshian wrote: » Can't you use plat hammer of dura on it? But yea I like to see this fixed too, having a Grade A Wave sweeper is a bit of a pain to achieve while S is just UGH!!! I don't want to suffer from this anymore, this RNG! As of righ…
  • @Moonka, Believe me when I say that I have been in your exact shoes... There was a reason I prepped ahead by months on all obtainable items needed, since I knew most where pricey. When I encountered this issue I was met with a lot of unknowns, si…
  • Did no one buy this darned thing?
  • Bumping because still looking...
  • What about something like this? For alchemist it would tie right in.
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Gaby5011 wrote: » Tatsugi wrote: » My guess will be they will speed up the release of this expansion to accommodate the new g21 bag sales. Maybe they will show us some love and give us a vip update too? Things are prospe…
  • My guess will be they will speed up the release of this expansion to accommodate the new g21 bag sales. Maybe they will show us some love and give us a vip update too? Things are prospectively looking very shiny at the moment, and nexon has all the …
  • Sherri wrote: » Wait.. so 15k altogether? Or per column? I'm confused 15k for both columns together. Or around 7.5k per column since you buy individually
  • at work not much to WORK with lol.